The blog in 2017

Every year MrJohnSherry and I try to incorporate more things here to try to improve our content. We do this for two reasons;

  1. It ensures that you guys always have something interesting to read.
  2. It keeps writing fresh for us so that we stay motivated.

This year is no different; we have some ideas that will undoubtedly improve the blog and give you guys kick ass content!

Here is just a few ideas that we are going to incorporate over 2017! Enjoy.


newsThe eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that we have already began reporting the gaming news!

We won’t be covering every single story though, just the big news and the stuff that makes us scream with excitement like little girls. Remember that we are just two gaming enthusiasts with not much in the way of spare time – reporting the news ensures that 2017 will have much more content than any other year!

PS Plus & Games with Gold updates 

psplusAgain this is something that we have already started covering but we will continue it through the year.

Each month we will keep you updated on the games that you will be given for “free” with your subscriptions to both these services!

We’re hoping to turn this blog into your one stop shop for all things gaming related! 

More Reviews

This year I am doing the 52 games, 1 year challenge. That means that every game that gets completed will be getting reviewed here!

One of my biggest oversights last year was my reviews – I did very little and I have no idea why as they are amongst the sites most popular articles when they go live! This year expect a review for every game I complete and hopefully that means at least 52 reviews 😀

Resurrecting dead series’

There are a number of series that I loved writing, and there are many that will be resurrected this year. Series’ like “Devils Advocate”, “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” and “7/10 Gameathon” will all see much more activity this year than they did last year.


TwitchTVThis is something that I have wanted to get back into for quite a while now; and I don’t know how sustainable it is going to be but my plan, as of right now, is to try to stream again. I’m not saying that it will be as regular as it was 2 years ago (sigh) but I am aiming for once a month for an hour or two and we’ll take it from there.

I have a few ideas for streaming that goes beyond simple “lets play” but I am asking you for ideas as well, what sort of content would you like to see? Perhaps you’d like a run through of one of my favourite games; or maybe a creative stream where you can see my review process? Let me know in the comments/twitter/facebook. MAybe your idea would be better suited to a YouTube video? Let me know!

I am confident of putting out a few streams; but this is probably the one to fall to the wayside first.

Other improvements that are in the early stages of planning

Sherry and I talk an awful lot about the blog and things that we would like to incorporate into it in an effort to improve it.

The things we have discussed will be planned and somethings will be done but checked to see if it works or is sustainable before it goes public. If they do work and are sustainable we do have quite a few new series to kick-start in 2017!

Is there anything in particular that you would like to see on these hallowed pages?

Tell us in the comments/twitter/facebook



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