My New Years Resolution

…will I stick to it this year?


That time of the year where we all tell ourselves a few things and hope we see it out and improve our lives – only to lose the will power 3 weeks later and return to our old ways! So, what will I be attempting this year?

Well, to counter-act the ridiculous amount I spend on games I don’t actually play I am allowing myself to buy 4 full priced titles – on day one! If I want anymore than that it has to be on sale and it has to be sub £25 – so around 50% off.

The main reason for this is I roughly have about Tuesdays and Sundays to actually play games so with the lack of time, and truth be told lack of money – I have wasted an obscene amount in 2016 on games which I bought, never really played and ended up selling on for a massive loss.

So, with that in mind, perhaps I should tell you all on what I will be buying – or plan on buying? It’s all subject to change so keep that in mind and I will try to keep you all in the loop throughout the year on my progress and any games I get on a super good deal!

Game 1, Resident Evil 7 (PS4/VR) January 24th 2017

Game 2, For Honor (PS4) February 14th 2017

Game 3, Horizon : Zero Dawn February 28th 2017 (Doubt it!)

Game 4, *Unknown!*

If you want you can leave your suggestions down in the comments, or if you disagree with my choices let me know! Also, if you want to tell me your gaming resolutions feel free to do so! Let’s make 2017 a gaming year to remember!


2 thoughts on “My New Years Resolution

  1. Mass Effect Andromeda perhaps? Maybe Persona 5 (I haven’t played any games in the series, but this has me interested)? Nioh certainly has my attention too. And of course, Shenmue 3 *swoon*. There are quite a few I’m excited for this year.


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