Playstation Plus Games January 2017

Well if you’re reading this you’ll notice that it is the beginning of something new; and no I’m not talking about the year!

Every month we will be telling you guys what games you can expect from your subscriptions to both PSPlus and Xbox Live Gold. Now you won’t have to go searching, you can get that right here on these fine pages.

What games can you expect in January from Sony? Continue reading my dear reader and all will become clear! 


Your free games for PS4 are actually all types of awesome!

Day of the tentacle HD

The classic Tim Schafer and Lucas Arts point’n’click adventure game has been given a fresh coat of paint and is better than ever! The comedy is as on point now as it was in ’93. A worthy addition to anyone’s instant game collection.

This War of Mine: The Little Ones

Is a harrowing survival sim in which you play a civilian trying to survive a war which you play no active part!

It’s a powerful game that gives the player a number of incredibly difficult decisions that shape you and your groups future. The little ones is the same, only now you have the lives of children to consider when you make those choices!



Blazerush is an isometric racer that is alright actually, not amazing not terrible. It’s grand.

The Swindle (crossbuy on PS4 & VITA)

A cheeky little crossbuy title that gives you an extra PS4 title!

And ‘The Swindle’ is another pretty good game! It’s a 2D action stealth game with procedurally generated levels – it looks pretty good so check it out!

Playstation VITA


Azkend is a match 3 puzzler that started life on mobile where it was well received (it’s one of the highest meta scores this month in fact)! You know whether or not you’re gonna play this!

Titan Souls (crossbuy on PS4)

Titan Souls is an isometric action game in which the player can only take one hit. The good news is that every enemy (19 titans) can also only take one hit!

This is a game that found game on twitch and I am definitely looking forward to playing this on my VITA and PS4!

My pick of the month!

Which games will you be downloading from PSPlus?

Tell me in the Comments/twitter/Facebook!


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