Game Of The Year 2016

… one award to rule them all.


Today marks the end of the year, and amidst all the celebrity deaths and dumb founding decisions made by the general public – some games were released! So, without further ado, here are my top 3!

3) Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare Remaster – When you get past all the bull crap that Activision pulled by locking this game behind a quite frankly – poop – FPS game you get what made Call of Duty so great in the first place. Minimal kill streaks, guns which don’t fire lasers and boots on the god damn ground! Now, all I need is to be able to uninstall Infinite Warfare and all will be fine!

2) Uncharted 4 : A Thief’s End – Naughty Dog opened its studio up and released the finale of Nathan Drakes story – and what a bloody finish it was! Absolutely stunning to look at, controls tighter than ever and story telling never taking a dip. This is one for the ages, and could quite possibly be the game I talk about the most when I reminisce about PS4 titles!

But it wasn’t enough to sneak it into top spot, this years GOTY (in my opinion!) is…..

1) Overwatch – Yes, the game which I think will win the vast majority of outlets GOTY is mine too! Blizzard have made the game of it’s genre in more or less everything they have tried. Their take on competitive FPS is no different. Unique heroes, an abundance of combinations and beginner friendly game mechanics make this an absolute peach of a game – one which equals the very best of Team Fortress 2! And to think – I thought Battleborn would be better ¬_¬ .

Honorable Mentions : Let It Die , Watch _ Dogs 2, The Division, Firewatch.

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