Local Multiplayer Games I’ll Be Enjoying Tomorrow!


Christmas is a ridiculously busy time for everyone, you have to make time for your family, your significant other’s family and of course yourself! There is a very simple way of achieving these three aims though and it requires little planning and even less effort – plus it sneaks in some extra gaming time!

That is, of course, playing local multiplayer games with those around you! REcently though the local multiplayer game has been in decline, but there is still a wide range of titles out there for you and yours to enjoy!

In what has become a Luvva Christmas Eve tradition (seriously check out last years post and the year before too!) here’s what I’ll be playing with my ones this Christmas day; along with some expert tips in how to maximise the craic, get everybody into the spirit and having the time of their lives!

Mario Kart 8


This is quickly becoming a Luvva household tradition! MrsLuvva and I don’t play games together very often  anymore (busy with Li’l Luvva, work and other commitments) but we always make some time for Mario Kart on Christmas day.

The joy of MK is that everyone can play it and enjoy it regardless of gaming experience or age because ti is incredibly intuitive and simple to understand.

And the opportunities for craic are unparalleled by other games – the weapons are demon spawn and it will cause arguments; arguments and craic! Sometimes you’ll be infuriated by the blue shell (when you receive it) and there are others when you’ll be doing a dance of the blue shell (when you give it). There will be tears of laughter and tears of sorrow – but above all else there will fun had, and that is what Christmas is all about!

I’m glad that Nintendo have kept their sense of fun and that is why this gets cracked out every Christmas. Maybe we’ll be able to convince her mum to play this year…

Bonus Christmas craic tip: Get everyone playing with the wiimote motion controls for frantic, out of control fun in which there is no guaranteed winner!

Rock Band 4


Another ninja tradition in my house.

Harmonix graced the world in 2007 with the gift of synchronised, co-operative music and we haven’t looked back since! While Rock Band 4 is undoubtedly missing key features (online MP anyone?) the one thing it has always  excelled at is local multiplayer. Rock Band 4 has just carried on the series legacy in this respect.

I don’t usually play RB from a setlist, but on Christmas day, it is important not to carried away with the joy of singing while others play instruments; so I have an hour-long setlist ready to go in honour of Santa being born!

Happy Birthday Santa, the Luvva household present you with the gift of Rock (and some funk – oh and a sprinkling of pop!).

Bonus Christmas craic tip: Create a “merry-go-round” with the instruments, as soon as someone fails a song you change instrument – this means everyone gets to try everything!

PSVR Playroom

PSVR Playroom.jpg

For me, the PSVR is one of the best hardware launches ever. The headset works flawlessly for me, the software is varied and of a high quality and it doesn’t have to be a solitary experience! The Playroom VR is a title that falls into the three brackets above.

There are a number of games that have a multiplayer focus, from communicating with one another in the Western Shooter, to helping each other in the platforming game to trying to defeat the player controller monster! This free giveaway title has everything you need to get people playing together, helping one another and ganging up on someone!

I have spent a lot of time with this title and I am so looking forward to my parents etc experiencing it too! I know they’ll have the craic and enjoy it for what it is – and I also know that Dad will go into the Shark diving game on PSVR Worlds a hard lad and come out a whimpering boy! Cannot wait!

Bonus Christmas craic tip: get Granny on the headset for maximum craic!

Of course there will be other games played but these three are the ones I want to share with others on the most special of days. Make sure you also share time with your loved ones this Christmas and get them gaming!

Merry Christmas everyone!

What local multiplayer titles are you going to be sharing with your loved ones this Christmas day?

Tell me in the comments/twitter/facebook!



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