The Ultimate Gamer Christmas List


Last year I compiled two lists of gifts for gamers; one was for the cheapo gifts (perfect for secret Santa) the other was more expensive (but still pretty reasonable). And this year I’m following them up with a gift list so decadent that it will make your eyes water, so expensive you’ll sneer and so amazing you’ll want most (if not all) of the things listed.

Christmas is already expensive enough – do not read if you are a carnivorous consumer!

You have been warned!

Gifts that money can’t buy!

Nintendo Playstation

nintendo-playstation-sfx-100-prototype.jpgThis is, for all intents and purposes, the holy grail of gaming! Many doubted that it existed and when the first image of it appeared online many people (including me) called BS on it and said it was fake, a hoax, stupid – turns out we were wrong because this very real! And it is a thing of retro beauty!

Imagine your loved one opening this on Christmas Day – it truly is a thing that dreams are made of and for me this is the ultimate gamer gift.

Sure it doesn’t play any games, nor does it do much of anything (beyond booting up and going to a menu) but it is a piece of gaming curios with such a historical relevance that even someone with only a passing interest in gaming can appreciate. This device; literally changed the gaming world.

It has recently been donated to a museum (after being tested and verified) and that means, unfortunately for us, that it is not for sale. But just imagine the scenes if you did get it…

 The 64DD retail unit and mystery disc

394176-n64_disc_driveThis was a special find by MetalJesusRock, truly a one of a kind and it is awfully exciting. What MetalJesus has found, is at first glance, just a bog standard 64DD prototype but when he turns it upside down it has a serial number unlike any we have seen to date – it quickly becomes apparent that this is not a Japanese unit but one meant for the American audience!

On top of this it also came with a strange blue disc that cannot be read; what is on that disc we don’t know, but it could be a demo featuring many of the unreleased expansions or it could be a retail demo with nothing but short, passive rolling demos – perhaps it’s just a debug disc?

We’ll probably never know!

But I cannot think of a single,serious N64 collector who would not kill to have this in their games room and that makes this an ultimate gift for the serious collector in your life! Unfortunately it is in the hands of a serious collector and as of the time of writing this is one of a kind!

Maybe he could be persuaded to sell with a mega money offer?

It would be one hell of a gift!

Awesome gifts you could buy!

Pro-Gaming Table

pro-gaming-table-cropped-thumb-960x640-4567We are now in the realms of possibility here!

And where better to start that an area in which the gamer in your life can, well, game. This table is a veritable one size fits all design and it has enough surface in which to home all your gamers’ needs. Not only does it have the same surface area of Australia (estimated) but it house everything you could ever need it to; from steering wheels to enough monitors to join Dead Sec, the gamer in your life will love you forever should you buy them this desk.

The best news though?

It only costs $400! Bargain alert!

Steelcase Leap Chair

Steelcase chair.jpgThis isn’t exactly a gaming chair – but those things are bloody horrific looking and grossly overpriced for the shitty materials they are made from.

The Steelcase Chair though is something of beauty; a classical looking chair with not an inch of gaudy orange/red/blue in sight. Sure it may look like your bog standard office chair but these are made from the ground up with comfort and support in mind it would be perfect for those mammoth gaming sessions that Christmas is suited for.

Better than all this is the fact that every detail has been thought of, the back support is made of little sections that can move and mould independently of one another (like your spine) and everything is fully adjustable.

Forget DXRacer chairs and get them one of these! The price? Available on request of course!

The Ultimate Computer Station 

ultimate-computer-station1-300x250This can sit alongside VR as one of the most immersive things released in gaming for quite some time! I mean look at this thing – it is an object of pure 1990s nerd dreams! It is incredible looking!

What is it? I hear you scream?

It’s the ultimate computer station – in this thing you can have hours of gaming goodness with a screen hovering in front of you face! No more head turning to see things! That’s the old you! The pathetic you!

It filters air too – so gone is your worry of stinking up a storm after a marathon of ‘Titanfall 2’ (you should really buy that too)!

This will transform the gamer in your life, your life, your living space and EVERYONE’s perception of you! This is the ultimate way to play, and you owe it to the gamer in your life to buy it for them!

The cost? A paltry $22,000!

What would be your ultimate gamer gift?

Tell me in the comments/twitter/facebook!




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