Problem Patches

…buggy? By design? Either way….


Earlier this week ‘Let It Die’ recieved it’s first major patch. I am not entirely sure what it contained as I have been incredibly busy (working at retail at Christmas is no joke!) but I did notice it’s size..

By god was it ridiculously big!! The game went from 13gb to 49gb! IN ONE PATCH! I am not sure what they included in it but by that size it is probably a free copy of Titanfall 2 for everybody or something!

Which got me thinking, is it really fair? Is it really fair for companies to expect us to download these MASSIVE updates? Luckily it is no problem for me as I have enough space on my HDD and pretty fast internet but many of us aren’t that lucky. Due to where you live or how much you can spend on internet per month – you are kind of limited to what speeds you can get for reasonable prices.

One or two gig per patch, not ideal for most but it’s par for the course these days but a patch which is almost triple the size of the base game? Come on now – we need standards here people!

The weirdest part of it all was the game only downloaded 6gb of data and it wouldn’t initiate the download until I have over 60gb of free space. So, was it even this size? Was it a bug? Judging from the ‘Let It Die’ twitter patch it was no mistake and aside from an apology they have promised future patches will be nowhere near this size. Well I would bloody well hope so!

Is it time the gamers started fighting back against these things? Or should we just suck it up and accept this is the world we live in – for better or worse. At least they are fixing their game right?


2 thoughts on “Problem Patches

  1. I would say keep making noise about it, but don’t expect it to change. It very much is the world we live in. Long gone are the days of completed games upon release with MAYBE a patch on a games magazine demo CD if it’s really needed.

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