Let It Die – 5 Things You Need To Know

…. Let It Die, Let It Die, Can’t Hold It Back Anymoooreeeee!


Last Saturday a game I have been looking forward too for a while was stealth released during PSX (side note, my predictions did pretty well eh? 🙂 ) , action rogue-like RPG ‘Let It Die’ by Grasshopper Manufacture. If you are still to dip your toes into it’s free to play waters here are a few things I think you should know!

1) Don’t be discouraged by the label ‘Free To Play’ – while many gamers (myself included) have been royally burned by previous free to play titles, it is unfair not to give Let It Die a chance because of this. In my week of play it’s micro-transactions are absolutely not needed outside of convenience to the player or if you want to buy lives rather than kill your previous character

2) Do have more than one character! – Let It Die whole game play revolves around this very concept – just let it die. At the beginning of the game I would wholly advise AGAINST using revive tokens on characters. Just start again and go back to that floor and look for your hater (previous character). It is easy to get back up to level 25 on a character and your weapon mastery levels are account wide! Slay that beast!

3) Characters have more than one use! – Levelling up multiple characters allows you to defend your base more effectively. Of course when you get different tiers of characters their levels also scale. So eventually you will have to get all of your characters to level 100+. But, while you have your main, the others can go on expeditions for you to harvest materials and crafting resources – or you can choose to have a whole army of characters defending your base from raids from other players!

4) Do raid other players bases! – Raiding other players bases if probably the most efficient way to farm for SPLithium. The more SPLithium you have the more you can upgrade your kill coins bank, SPLithium bank and body freezer. You get it from killing ‘haters’ out in the main world or other players bases – aswell as the bonus amount you get from destroying their banks!

5) Grab every ‘?????’ blue print you find! – While you can loot weapons and armour from enemies you defeat on the floors on the tower, the best (and most durable!) come from crafting. Everything you loot there is a blue print for! From Hot Irons to Assault Rifles, they are all out there – so get hunting!

Bonus Tip – Log on everyday! – even if you don’t have time to actually play the game, make sure you log on , get your daily bonuses! They can be crafting materials to money, even new blue prints! So they are definitely worth your 5minutes of time!

Also make sure to always log out in the waiting room – otherwise it counts as a death…probably pretty important – should have been in the top 5 to be honest….


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