The Gold Rush

…but why can’t I buy it all?


It is November, which means to us gamers – Christmas comes nearly every blooming week! Big release after big release that just never seems to end – tempting our us to spend our hard earned cash for the hottest new titles. But how do you pick?

I am unfortunately no longer in the position to buy them all, just to have them rot one by one on my shelf which I am kind of happy about to be perfectly honest! I always felt kind of guilty about that! Was a total waste when I could have just bought one by one and bought them when I finished the first one. You always feel like you are missing out though don’t you?

So in light of my new circumstances (life eh?) I have quite a hard decision to make which I am hoping some of you loyal readers out there might lend your opinion to! This Wednesday (thanks Nintendo!) see’s the release of the latest in the Pokémon franchse – Sun and Moon. I have always been a massive Pokémon fan but I admit I did fall off the bandwagon with XY and returned X within a week or two of purchase. It just didn’t capture (no pun intended!) and I really did not like the new designs of the ‘Mons.

Sun and Moon however look stellar, the Pokémon look more realistic (a ridiculous thing to say but it makes sense in my head) and they have finally switched up the game play – which has reflected MASSIVELY in the reviews.

However, early December marks the release of the game I have waited 9 years for and have wrote about a few times right here on this very blog. The Last Guardian. In the last few days I have found myself re-watching that E3 trailer over and over again. It still gives me goosebumps and I need to know what happens in Tricos tale. Does he die? Does he live? I NEED TO KNOW!

Around the same time as The Last Guardian , Steep is released! As a big SSX fan I initially went into that beta expecting and hoping for that. It is not that. What Steep is more akin too is Trials in the snow and once you get that into your head and realise that it isn’t just a simple “high score attack” like SSX with you getting millions upon millions of score and you would be happy just to hit that target – it is a brilliant game.

Of course I can not and will not be purchasing all three, I could maybe stretch to two (depending on how well I do with Christmas gifts this month!) but realistically it will only be one! At this moment I am teetering towards Pokémon – purely for the fact that if I buy it now or in January it will still be the same price where as the other two most likely will be slashed by £5-10 within the first month.

What do you guys think? And what titles will you be picking up or leaving behind in this festive period?

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