What is going on?!

…you, you’ve changed man!


So, as you all know – I was doing a bit of a Halloween challenge. Facing my fears within the horror game realm and trying to complete it before Halloween! I did manage to do it the morning off Halloween but…it left me with quite a sour after taste.

If you don’t know, the game in question was Outlast played on a Playstation 4. At the start, it was truly excellent. It was tense, it made me question everything about where and what was going to happen next. I was having an absolute blast with the game and that shocked me more than anything to be perfectly honest!

Well, that feeling lasted for about 2 hours of game play. Then the predictability set in. Everything apart from maybe one or two sections was really telegraphed to the point where it just didn’t scare me at all. Not in a creepy way, nor in a BOO way. It was incredibly disheartening! In another post I did a couple of weeks ago I said I was unsure if it was the game or just me becoming used to it. I must say I think it was the game.

After spending a good 5-6 hours with the game ( although the final 2 hours or so was me just holding the sprint button and basically not caring what was there anymore) I got to the most confusing and disappointing aspect of the entire experience. The ending.
The reason I say that is basically due to the ending. If you haven’t played Outlast and want too, please don’t read beyond this point as it will have a few end game spoilers!

Are they all gone?…

…Good, let’s proceed then guys!

I finally made it to the ending “zone” and run into an old man who says “Billy” needed to be killed and he had tried to and blah blah blah. Basically, I had to do it – typical really! Billy is a ghost, or rather a Walrider, which has taken over Billy as it’s human host. So after spending about 10-15 mins running up and down and around this experiment facility turning levers I finally killed him. Hooray!

I make my way towards the exit of the facility, this nightmare was over – I was free. I had Outlasted the Outlast. Until two big metallic doors open.
That old man is there, with a WHOLE FREAKING ARMY! Who just riddle me with bullets? I am assuming they are going to use my corpse now for the new host for their next batch of bat shit crazy experiments but it really pissed me off!

Why did he want me to do it? He could have easily achieved the same result using like the runt of his army! And saved some time too! After a pretty positive experience up until that point, it totally soured it – leaving me not purchasing The Whistle-blower DLC or even thinking about buying Outlast 2. Which is a damn shame because I really enjoyed my time with it for the few few hours.

If I was going to score it, the first “half” of the game I would give it a solid 8/10. The second half, probably 5 or 6. I am not going to give it a score though, I just wanted to put my thoughts out there in case some of you haven’t played it or was thinking of buying/playing it.

3 thoughts on “What is going on?!

  1. I agree with a lot of this. In the last couple of hours it becomes very easy to manipulate the AI by getting them to chase you, hiding, letting them return to their patrol and then just strolling past. Kills the tension.

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