Call of Duty Modern Warfare : Remastered – Impressions



Yesterday marked the yearly release of the annual sales killer – Call of Duty : Infinite Warfare but as we all know by now, that wasn’t the Call of Duty game everyone was excited for. Modern Warfare Remastered had triggered a lot of people like myself to opt for the “Legacy edition” to get two games for £70. So, how well does it age?

In a nut shell, magnificent! Seriously, this is the best FPS I have played since….well, it’s original release (MW2 was a close second though!) I didn’t get around to playing it during the day yesterday due to other commitments but all day it was all I could think about. That hasn’t happened with a COD title with me for ages!

It felt good! It felt so good to have COD recapture my imagination and attention again. Sure, it’s a re-release but is anyone really complaining? When I did manage to get some games last night (stayed up to 3am!) I was blown away by the multiplayer. I had spent the last month grinding through Veteran on the campaign (still am 😦 ) and while that made me want to smash my head into a wall, the multiplayer left me with the stupidest smile on my face.

It was like I went through this time portal and was 19 again. Raven did an absolute great job with this remaster, adding some small details which gives the game a little extra spice but without intruding upon the original experience.

The gun play feels tight and the map design is still in my opinion the best I have ever seen for a collection in a MP title. There isn’t a bad map here. Not even Shipment! I personally can’t wait to dive into some more matches, so I will leave you with that.

If you loved the original game you will love this – whether or not that is worth £70 (or the equivalent) that is completely up to you! It was for me!


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