My turn! Your Turn! My Turn!

…where did they all go?


This artwork is amazing btw!

This week marks the release of a game that I have been particularly looking forward to for a wee while. No, not Fifa 17 – XCom 2. Not that I am a huge fan of the series in particular – in fact I found the first one hard as nails and according to all reports this is even harder! No, I love these types of games!

Sure, you may say what I have heard many times over the last week or so – “Sherry, this game has been out for almost 6 months on PC! Why did you not jump on the wagon back then?” Well my dear friends, that is because I don’t particularly like PC gaming. And my PC can barely run FM on decent settings without sounding like a jet plane so there’s that too.

Over the last years, turn based strategy games have been in a steep decline – much to my dismay! They are so hard to come by for us console gamers! In fact, I can only think of about 2 that are currently available of current gen consoles! These being XCom 2 and The Banner Saga.

They used to be all the rage back in the day, in fact the games that got me into this genre were Advanced Wars on the Nintendo DS and Future Tactics on the Nintendo Gamecube! Both were absolutely brilliant and I am pretty sure I played Future Tactics almost exclusively for about 6 months!

So what happened? Did we as an audience just move on from it? Did the hardware back then only allow these types of strategy games? I don’t mind RTS games per-say but as a console gamer these are just a nightmare – I like the slow methodical approach TBS allow me.

So, what I am hoping with the release of XCom, The Banner Saga and soon World of Final Fantasy that turn based strategy will come back into vogue and we will see alot more of it in the future!

If like me you want more of these titles, make sure to support the ones already out there! It will show the developers and publishers there is still a market for these types of games on consoles!

One thought on “My turn! Your Turn! My Turn!

  1. My PC really struggled to run the game (it’s a 5-year old rig now!) but it just bout managed. The last mission was an utter mess though, with graphical glitches everywhere because of my under-powered GPU. Still, it’s certainly one of my favourite games this year, I loved the previous installment, and played the original to death back in my youth!

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