An Inch From Greatness

…Please Konami!


It’s mid-September again which can only mean one thing if you are a football fan. Dilemma time! Do you stick with the domination that has been FIFA for the last 5-6 years or has the King got his kit back?

Judging from the demo’s I have to say, game play wise – PES is on another level to Fifa. While Fifa isn’t a bad game (and it really isn’t) there is something that seems completely off with the game play – mostly the passing. The ball doesn’t seem to move realistically and you have to put alot more power in them this year to get them moving at any considerable pace.

PES on the other hand feels organic, player animations adapting to the situation you are in perfectly! For example, playing as Arsenal in the demo I crossed the ball cross field from Bellerin to Sanchez and because the ball was a bit too high for him to take on the run I decided to pass it inside it Ozil. Sanchez leaped into the air and side footed it with his trailing foot and not only did it look awesome it felt amazing! I did that!

However, there is still the elephant in the room which (judging from streams I have watched) and that is online play. While Fifa has added more to it’s online modes (build a squad) PES hasn’t done much to it’s multiplayer at all. That is incredibly disappointing!

I jumped ship last year from Fifa to PES only to sell it a couple of months later – solely because of it’s online. I am not a super hardcore player so that meant after a bit of time of the games release the game struggled HARD to match make me with anyone because I seemingly didn’t have anyone at my skill level playing online.

Of course I find this hard to believe and I think it was due to the fact people were playing more so their ranking was higher just for that very fact.

While PES has been making headway game play wise – online will be it’s Achilles heel and Fifa will always outsell it until this is sorted out. A shame yes, but what good is a football game without decent multiplayer! FIX IT KONAMI!


One thought on “An Inch From Greatness

  1. I’ve played both demos in the last couple of days as I have a football game itch that I’d like to scratch. I haven’t played one of them in ten years, probably, so I wanted to take a good look at what game might be more fun.
    I’ve played two matches in FIFA and won them both- despite receiving two red cards in the first 20 minutes of the first match. I’ve never been in real trouble. It’s probably the difficulty level that needs adjustment, but still.
    In PES I was a noob and felt like it. The other team was dominating the match despite being on a lower skill level. The pacing, strategy and feeling that it was a game that’s “easy to learn and hard to master” were all strong in PES.

    However, there’s online and variety. There seems to be a lot to do online and solo in FIFA while in PES, there seems to be less variety. And then there’s presentation- graphics, original teams, stadiums etc., commentary and a certain feeling of “epicness”, for lack of a better term all go to FIFA, in my opinion.

    So I decided to go with FIFA when it’s releasing. However, your writing made me think about it again. It’s fun to learn a game, see the skill level grow (I saw that in Rocket League), and I think PES might be more up that alley than FIFA. Hmmm….


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