Knowing Your Role

…no need to shut your mouth though!

Heroes never die

Recently I have started getting back into Overwatch pretty exclusively! Spent a lot of time but not in my usual role. To be fair, I took about a 2 month break (I am still not even at competitive level yet!) so when I came back, I was a bit pants at using the likes of Tracer compared to how I used to be! So before I rage quit I decided I would try a type of class I never do.

Medics! First with Mercy and then switching between Mercy and Ana depending on the match. Not only was I not getting my ass kicked by literally everyone on the opposite team anymore I actually felt like I was contributing to my times success (which we had a lot of!)

To be perfectly honest, I think it is my preferred type of class at the moment. I ain’t the best at FPS games – I am passable at best with moments of brilliants. I am the FPS equilivant of Olivier Giroud basically. So any role where I feel like I can effect if my team wins or losses is one I gladly accept!

I think the highlight of any game I had (which I didn’t record and regret it – blame my PS4 settings!) was when my entire team was on the payload during overtime with about 5m to go to win. Cue a D-Va mech bomb and all of my team goes down (except for me because I legged it out!) Little did they know…heroes never die! Caught them all off guard and boom! Within 10 seconds they had wiped out the entirety of the opposite team and we snatch the win!

Sure, it is only quick play and this might blow up in my face once I reach level 25 but I am thinking I could be on to my real call in this life. So, don’t be afraid not to be a DPS or the main tank. Every class has it’s purpose and can affect your teams success people. We honestly don’t need 3 Genjis and 2 Hanzos! I think I have learnt my role!


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