MrLuvva’s Luv-In #58

This is it, the end of the summer. In a few days it’ll be September, the kids will be back at school and we can begin the annual winter/fall games avalanche – you can see my plans for gaming right here (remember to leave a comment about yours!).

It is this time of year I love as a gamer, there is an excitement in the air and the games that everyone is looking forward to are just around the corner – already my Facebook newsfeed is full of people pre-ordering FIFA (I ask why they do this, it’s not going to sell out) which signals the start of the Christmas games rush.

Living in the now though, I have compiled a number of great posts from around the blogosphere for your consumption and enjoyment. It’s a bumper crop so I hope you can find a few that tickle your fancy and you give these superb guys and gals the attention they deserve. I say it every week, but if you have a great post you want attention on, link it in the comments!

General Gaming Posts

Thanks, You Lovely Bastards by Murf

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Review by TheManCalledScott (Miketendo64)

Flashback Friday: Star Fox Adventures byMikeScorpio (Miketendo64)

Super Mario Makes An Appearance At Rio 2016 Olympics Closing Ceremony by MikeScorpio

Sorry Pokemon, but Mario is “Number 1” by JHLongman (Miketendo64)

Titanfall 2 Tech Test Hoopla and the Respawn Response by GamerCrash

Couch Podtatoes Episode 99: Retro by MeVersusMyselfandI

[Review] English Visual Novel – The Shadows That Run Alongside Our Car by NiceJobBreakingIt, Hero

The Valley: Nationwide Launch by ButtonSmashers

Mutant Mudds Super Challenge (Multi) Review by Mr Panda

Winning In Multiplayer Is About Knowing Yourself by Karl Wellar

No Mans Sky Review: Familiar Worlds by T-42 (Play Legit)

Limbo Review by Nintendobound

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six – I Heart Old Games by Pick3dLast

Wrestling Posts

Finn Balor Relinquishes WWE Universal Championship Belt Hours After He Won It by RaffyGraffiti

WWE Summerslam: Did John Cena Just say Goodbye? by Raffy Graffiti


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