Large Gaming Youtubers You Should Be Watching : 2016 Edition


In 2014 I wrote a post that outlined a few big gaming Youtube Channels you should be watching; since then though a few (opengriefing) have become very inactive and one (DLCentral) has closed down. RIP. (We love you Matt and Nate – check them out here though)

So the time has come for us to update this list. Once again all these channels are my own personal choices (MrJohnSherry will disagree with some of my choices) but they still carry the MrLuvvaLuvva seal of approval® and you are still guaranteed a damn good time*

I will be doing another post on much smaller channels you should be paying attention too – before they become the next big thing on Youtube!

So why not stop being a reader (just for a few minutes though) and become a watcher; a watcher of gamers, a watcher of gamers on Youtube…

Larry Bundy Jr

Larry Bundy Jr is a british Youtube star that has quite a low-profile TV career behind him, hosting shows on The Gaming Network and Rapture TV as well as being credited by Charlie Brooker’s Gameswipe.

His YouTube channel is absolutely high-profile and first class. Larry (who used to go by the name of Guru Larry) has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things gaming; both the mundane and the incredibly interesting. He is a funny guy and his channel if full of video reviews, retro gaming videos, unboxings, top tens and a great series called “Games Yanks Can’t Wank” which offers an irreverent look at things that Yanks just wouldn’t know about, care about or just “get”.

The crowning jewel in his channel though is undoubtedly the “Fact Hunt” series which looks (in list form) at some hilarious topics, gaming cock-up and best of all, gaming controversies! He covers some truly unique topics in fact-hunt and it really does teach you some things about gaming that you’ll never really need to know but will be intrigued by – all while being entertained in a truly British way.

Larry Bundy deserves all of our subscriptions on the back of his amazing “Driv3r-gate” video – a controversy I had never heard of before watching his videos. Absolutely fantastic stuff!

The Game Chasers

The Game Chasers is a fantastic reality TV style show that follows Jay And Billy as they travel through North America hunting for retro video games, consoles, peripherals and other knick-knacks while hoping they don’t get caught “slipping”.

Billy and Jay were inspired by Discovery channel reality TV shows such as ‘American Pickers’ and watching an episode of The Game Chasers makes the likeness hard to deny. The production values that is put into each episode is incredibly high, in the later series especially it is fully professional looking. It is a brilliantly made show that deserves all the attention they get.

The lads themselves are incredibly likable and really funny; although I do wish they’d lay off the fart jokes. Their adventures are a joy to watch and are compulsive; I binged the first three seasons in one sitting – fantastic. They also make some fantastic discoveries (but how much of this is truly “real”, I don’t know) and it successfully makes you pine for the games that you played in your youth. It was this show that inspired me to make my Dreamcast game collection bigger!

Also if you are into retro toys, then their spinoff series ‘The Toy Chasers’ is well worth a watch!

Games Done Quick

Regular readers will know that I really enjoy speedrunning (not playing a speedrun though, because I lack the skill/patience) so it really shouldn’t be a surprise to see a speedrunning channel in here. For my money GDQ is the best-of-the-best of speedrunning channels/events.

They upload every single run of the week-long marathons which means that it is heaving with quality content as well as making it a must sub for those who enjoy the event but can’t watch as much as they would like. Or if you want to relive your favourite runs over and over again – I do reccommend picking a game you’ve no interest in and watching the speed run of it; its bizarrely interesting!

Simply a fantastic channel!


VaatiVidya is a Souls/Borne YouTuber who does things differently to the rest. Here there are no “Let’s Plays”; instead Vaati is much more interested in the lore of these games, he scours every inch of every game looking for clues that will give him insight into the underlying stories.

This means that his videos are incredibly interesting. The Souls/Borne games are known for their obscure narratives that are never explicitly communicated to the player, so if you want a deeper understanding of why you are doing, what you are doing – then you need to subscribe to Vaati.

His narration style is incredibly soothing, his voice is gentle but it demands your attention. What I like most about his videos though is that he steers away from presenting his ideas as fact (or a readerly POV if you will), instead he offers links to other “lore-players” that have differing theories. I have lost count of the number of hours I have lost following a bread crumb across Vaati’s videos and those he links to (and those they link to etc).

If you have ever enjoyed a Souls/Borne game you owe it to yourself to watch some of his videos!


Metal Jesus is a retro gaming collector who aims to educate his viewers as much as entertain them. His channel has a lot of content that spans a wide variety of genres – he will show you his various collections, provide buying guides for beginners, offer advice on rarer titles for veterans and even have guests to help out with obscure oddities. Recently he  gained a little bit of internet fame for finding, what looks like, a US retail model of the N64 add-on the 64DD!

He seems like a nice dude in his videos, genuinely friendly and incredibly knowledgable on his niche. His videos do tend to be longer form but they are all worth watching in their entirity because he does cover a lot of stuff in a crazy amount of detail – which is useful as hell if you have any notion of beginning a collection.

Well worth a watch even if it is just for his awesome opening theme!

Do you watch any of these Youtubers?

Who is your favourite larger YouTuber?

Tell me in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “Large Gaming Youtubers You Should Be Watching : 2016 Edition

  1. Thanks for the recommendations! I don’t know of too many YouTubers at the moment, so this post helps me find people to follow. You know I follow Games Done Quick, of course. I’m also a fan of MatPat’s Game Theory series. He’s gotten pretty big, so I assume most people have heard of him. I also like Mark Brown’s Game Maker’s Toolkit, in which he analyzes game mechanics such as Zelda dungeons and puzzles in games. I love intelligent videos on games!


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