What We’ll See At Gamescom 2016

Gamescom is here today until and it promises to be the biggest ever…


…unfortunately there are no major press conferences to look forward to. Sony are hosting their own event on the 7th of September, Microsoft have an “Xbox Fanfest” event planned for the duration of the show, EA are having their “day before party” and even Blizzard are releasing a video just before the show opens for the industry.

I’m also going to tell you right now that we will NOT see anything of the ‘Project Scorpio’ or the ‘Playstation 4 Neo’.


What I love most about Gamescom however is even though it lacks the bombast nature of E3 it is all about the immediate future; companies use this show as a way of reminding us all about the games we are going to be playing this winter. I love this!


The bad news is that Sony’s line up is hardly the biggest it has ever been.

However the good news is that Sony have announced the games that they will be showing and it is very strong indeed; and every game on the floor as a playable demo is due to be released this year. This means that, as you may expect, PS VR has an incredibly large presence with a total of 17 VR games on show and ready to be played.

They are mostly launch titles and there are some great looking games in there!

  • PSVR

    Enter a caption

    Batman Arkham VR

  • Battlezone
  • Bound VR
  • EVE Valkyrie
  • Farpoint
  • Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live
  • Headmaster
  • Here They Lie
  • Hustle Kings VR
  • The Playroom VR
  • Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
  • RIGS. Mechanized Combat League
  • Robinson: The Journey
  • Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
  • Super Stardust Ultra VR
  • Tumble VR
  • PlayStation VR Worlds

On top of this there are three PS4 games to be played as well. While I agree that the number is small, the titles are all AAA and incredibly exciting;

  • Titanfall 2
  • Destiny: Rise of Iron
  • Gran Turismo Sport

Finally they have a large number of games that will be shown, but not in a playable state. I’m not going to list them all (it is a large list) but I will pick out my favourites from the list;

  • Gravity Rush 2
  • Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Days Gone
  • Outlast 2
  • Yakuza Zero (0)


Microsoft are hoping to capitalise on their good E3 showing with Gamescom and have organised a “Xbox Fanfest” event that will allow people intimate hands on experience with the games they’ll be playing this winter. And while they haven’t released their full complement of games they have announced some and it means that they have a much bigger showing of AAA games than Sony.

It is a lot less diverse than Sony’s though, so it should be interesting to see how these games fare with the fans and the casual observers. There are some VERY big hitters in there though;sea-of-thieves.jpg

  • Gears of War 4
  • Forza Horizon 3
  • Halo Wars 2
  • ReCore
  • Sea of Thieves
  • We Happy Few
  • Everspace
  • Cuphead

And that is really it; there are a few vague promises about “Xbox Play Anywhere” but we shall see.


Nintendo are doing something a little bit different with Gamescom; they are giving people the chance to play ‘The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild’ – but only a select few.

How do you get your hands on this title? By winning a trophy at one of the following tournaments of course;

  • Pokken Tournament
  • Splatoon
  • Super Smash Bros.
  • Mario Kart 8

All these tournaments are at Gamescom and will be good fun; that prize though will guarantee that the players take it seriously and we should see some great games (if they are being livestreamed, which I do believe they are. On top of the demo, the winners get nifty trophies.

They are also tying in their MyNintendo to the show too and you could earn up to 300 platinum points by completing set tasks (and getting a ticket stamped) including; playing the Mario Party demo, the Monster Hunter Generations Demo and 2 indie games of your choosing.

This sounds like great fun! If you’re curious about the games they’ll be showing, here they are;


  • Mario Party: Star Rush
  • Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice
  • Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice
  • Monster Hunter Generations
  • Rhythm Paradise Megamix
  • Pirate Pop Plus
  • Azure Striker Gunvolt 2
  • Runbow Pocket


  • Super Meat Boy
  • Severed
  • Jotun: Valhalla Edition
  • World To The West
  • Steam World Heist
  • Axiom Verge
  • DLC for FAST Racing Neo

Nothing there to get particularly excited about to be honest.

Third Parties


Have stated that their video will include new footage of some Star Wars games as well as all their fall games; that means ‘Titanfall 2’, ‘FIFA 16′ and Battlefield 1’. I’m hoping that all these will be focused on the single player campaigns and that they are all playable on the show floor.


Will be showing more of ‘Resident Evil VII’ – I’m hoping for them to focus on the VR missions a little, and telling us how they are going to get round the illness people reported after E3. I would love a new demo or even some clues about the dummy finger AND/OR what the coin was all about in the recent email about healing items.

I’d also love to see something of the Remake of ‘Resident Evil 2’. Please Capcom.


Will be showing ‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’ as well as having a live stream of ‘Destiny: Rise of Iron’. I know that they will show a significant portion of the ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered’ in order to drum up pre-order business.

Ghost Recon Wildlands.pngUbisoft

Have stated they have playable builds for quite all of their games out this year. This includes’For Honor’, ‘South Park: The Fractured but Whole’, ‘Ghost Recon: Wildlands’, ‘Eagle Flight’, ‘Watch Dogs 2’ and ‘Star Trek: Bridge Crew’.


What are your picks of Gamescom?

What are you most excited about seeing/playing?

Tell me in the comments!


3 thoughts on “What We’ll See At Gamescom 2016

  1. Interesting that you have to win a tournament to play Breath of the Wild. Guess they just figured they wouldn’t be able to accommodate everyone. I suppose this is a fun way of handling the situation.

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