MrLuvva’s Luv-In #56

This week I have a bumper crop of posts for your enjoyment and consumption!

Over the past week there have been two games that have dominated the blogosphere Pokemon GO (still…) and No Man’s Sky. Needless to say there are a lot of posts about both coming up – so if you’re sick of either DO NOT PROCEED!!!!

GET BACK HERE! That was a joke! Come read these posts that I have compiled for you; you ungrateful jerk!

As always guys, click on the posts that sound interesting to you and support these fine writers! If you have a post that you think people should read, then link us to it in the comment section!

Pokemon Posts

Pokemon GO! Guide To Leveling by Adrian Moses (ButtonSmashers)

Pokemon GO! Frustrations by Belghast

Pokemon GO! Has Now Surpassed 100 Million Downloads on Android Devices by JHLongman

Darkness Descends! Darkrai Is Coming Back This September! by JHLongman

No Man’s Sky Posts

Sick Of No Man’s Sky? by Izlain

No Man’s Sky Thoughts by Belghast

General Gaming Posts

Petitions and Video Games Don’t Mix by DuckofIndeed

Game in 60 Seconds: Overwatch by Pick3d Last

The Catch-Up Post by Why I Game

Personal Blog Posts

The Last Summer by Doone

Nice Job Breaking It, Hero is 1 Year Old Today! by Nice Job Breaking It, Hero

Movie Posts

Movie Review: Suicide Squad by ButtonSmashers

BSP EP 148: Why Did Suicide Squad Flop? by ButtonSmashers

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