3 No Man’s Sky Meta Games

So ‘No Man’s Sky’ was released the world over this week and if you read my last post (if not, why not?) you’ll know that I am not in the least excited by the game. I did not buy it and I have absolutely no intention of doing so anytime soon; perhaps ever!


What I have been doing though is chatting with my friends who are super excited by ‘No Man’s Sky’ and checking out a few live streams (but not for long, it is not exactly a “spectator sport”).

Today however on my usual cycle of internet site surfing I realised that there are quite a few hilarious ‘No Man’s Sky’ META games that can be played by people like me.

Here is a small selection of the games I have been playing while avoiding the game…

The Sean Murray is a liar game: NeoGaf edition &  The Reddit edition

NeoGaf is a website that provides us with gold each and every day; since the release of ‘No Man’s Sky’ though it has been PLATINUM!


This man is a liar?

Long story short; two twitch streamers have been trying to meet one another in the hope of being able to see the character models of the player and although they have been in the same place, at the same time they have; so far, been unable to see each other.

And in typical internet fashion this has led to absolutely meltdown! On NeoGaf a thread has emerged that is nothing more than Defenders Vs Dissenters – Sean Murray has been called everything from a Liar to an “absolute C&*t”. At the time of writing it has devolved into unrelated meme posting but it had me laughing my ass off for nearly 90 pages!

Keep up the great work Gaf! You ROCK!

The same occurred on Reddit as well and while it’s nowhere near the same calibre as the Gaf thread it does offer some laughs and the type of toxicity Reddit is famed for!

The game – 1-4 players; award yourself 10 points every time someone finds the word “liar”, “lies” or “dishonest” – the first to 100 points wins!

The Psytokat/Cactus meetup game

And these are the two guys that caused the meltdowns! And while ‘No Man’s Sky’ the game is not the best spectator game on twitch there is something very compelling about watching to average Joes trying to game the system and test the boundaries of the promises made by Hello Games.

So far these two have tried a mountain of things in order to successfully catch a glimpse of one another and all attempts have failed! NMS Attempts

They are triers though and I cannot help but feel that they will not give up until one of two things occur;

  1. Sean Murray states that it is impossible
  2. They succeed and see each other

I don’t know which one is going to happen, but I want to be there to witness it. So too do you!

The Game: Everytime they fail an attempt to see one another take a drink* and the last person conscious wins!

*Slight Spoiler Alert*

The First Planet Screenshot viewing game (a VR experience?)

As I stated in my other post this week, although I have zero interest in playing the game I will say that the graphical style is absolutely stunning; so when this thread popped up on Reddit I instantly subscribed and I have not been disappointed!

The level of diversity is actually quite disappointing in a visual sense, but the screenshots are absolutely stunning and the artistry more than makes up for any technical shortcomings. It is also really interesting to see what people think of their starting planets and what they view as their most interesting aspect of it!

Be prepared though that the images are hosted on IMGUR and as a result there is a LOT of clicking here…

The Game: Find the perfect background and link a screenshot of your desktop in the comments – my favourite will win a steam game from my key collection! (seriously)

Have you ever created your own META games?

If so what were they?

Tell me in the comment section!

*MrLuvvaLuvva will not be held responsible for any injuries incurred during this game!


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