MrLuvva’s Luv-In #55

Another week is gone, and I’m still without a logo for this feature! I really should designate some time to that this week (unlikely to happen). Sure, it’ll be done one day! I’m also attempting to repair my chair too, it keeps lowering the seat height at random (I may take pictures and create a ‘how to’ post on that!)

On topic though, I have been reading a lot of stuff this week, and I do have a crop of great posts –  and I have assembled them here for your convenience! Be sure to support each of these great blogs and as always, link a good post you know of in the comments!

Sunday Highlight 49: Texas Big Race by Mabrick

Game Review – Batman: The TellTale Series Episode 1 by Lonely Controller (ButtonSmashers)

Happy 30th Birthday Metroid by Mike Scorpio (Miketendo 64)

I’d Like To Talk About: Grand Theft Auto V by Vahrkalla

A Wee Bit Of Self-Promotion And Navel Gazing by Jeremy Voss (Shouts From The Couch)

Game Review – We Happy few (Alpha Build) by Lonely Controller (ButtonSmashers)

Games Wishlist 2010 by SparkoMarcoGaming

Feeling A Bit Nostalgic by Shadowz

[Review] Crime Scene (Nintendo DS) by Caught Me Gaming



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