One Small Step For Man

…one giant leap for Dev Kind.


WE DID IT! MUM, DAD! WE DID IT! That’s right guys, we have braved the wilderness for neigh on 3 years now and the time has finally arrived. We are about to step foot into the final frontier. Next stop : the stars! (And very mild spoilers)

I can’t begin to tell you guys how excited I am right now. Years of hype, years of speculation and the time is finally here! We now have the opportunity to go to 19 QUINTILLION (pretty sure this is a made up word but it gets me hyped!) So what can we expect to see on our travels?

Well, based on my VERY limited exposure to leaks – all of them I have saw have been stealth leaks hidden behind innocent looking stuff on twitter and forums – TRUST NOONE GUYS! I can report we can expect some exciting stuff. Large underwater mammals, man eating plants with massive teeth, caves covered in red goo type substance (think War Of The Worlds) and quite possibly my favorite – little guys who look like weird Ewoks and  run from the player as if their lives depend on it! Judging by the types of people who have been leaking this game though, maybe they are just trying to avoid the spoilers themselves?!

However, no matter how many leaks we have saw, no matter how much the limited player base has abused the non-fluctuating prices on the global market place – it all means nothing come Tuesday (Wednesday for us guys in the UK!) as Sony shook the very foundation of our existence this very morning. That’s right…server wipe and regeneration!


Taking from Joey Davidson tweet :

It seems that the game isn’t in the state that Sean Murray and his team and the guys over at Sony want it to be. I have read some absolute nonsense today that “there is no way Hello Games can fix what bugs we have saw in 3 days!” Forgetting the fact that they have been working on this Day 1 patch for a month now. One month! On a patch! Insane! It has so much in it that not only does it address bugs, it also adds more features and content.

So, the final question I will be addressing today is “why didn’t they just delay the initial release and put it on the disc? WHY DO ALL DEVS DO THIS!” Well, this might be the shortest answer ever but….some people aren’t reasonable. Remember the death threats? That’s why!

Regardless, I am ready to brave the elements. I am ready to discover new worlds. I am ready to become this very generations very own Christopher Columbus. Come with me gang, as we traverse the universe. Let’s make that giant leap for mankind!


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