MrLuvva’s Luv-In #54

Now we’re trucking, 4 in a row!

As I type this, I had a thought – there is no official art for the Luv-In! I really should whip one up for next week (or alternatively, if any reader has a penchant for playing with photoshop, feel free to create one :P) – there’s something to look forward to; well aside from the kick ass posts I’m gonna pick!

It goes without saying; but I’m gonna say it anyway, if you know of any awesome blogs/posts then please link us in the comment section (shameless plugs and self promotion is greatly encouraged).

Lets get started though, here’s what I read and liked this week!

Gaming Posts

Nintendo Explain Why The Pokemon GO Plus Accessory Has Been Pushed Back To September by Miketendo64

Wolfenstein: The New Order – Complete by Izlain

Honest Game Trailers – Pokemon GO by The Ancient Gaming Noob

Hands on With Pokemon GO: Pokemon GO Hunters! by Miketendo64

Throwback Thursday: Pokemon Snap by Play Legit

I’m…Not Really Soiling Myself Over: We Happy Few  & I’d Like To Talk About: That Dragon, Cancer by Vahrkalla

Persona 5 Premium Event Gameplay Footage – THP’s Commentary by Buttonsmashers

General Posts

Goodbye Chloe by Aggronaut

5 Things You Need To Know About WWE’s Finn Balor by Geekend Gladiators

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