My Gaming 2016 so far…

Gaming is great, hell it’s better than that – its awesome!

Videogames awesome

And yet it’s been nearly three years since the release of the PS4 and Xbox One and aside from the odd exclusive here and there at the end of 2015 it really felt like this generation was yet to begin. The manufacturers promised that this year would be the one to finally kickstart it though, and now that it is July; officially halfway through the year, there is no better time to look at my own gaming this year and decide whether or not this is true!

Here’s what I’ve bought, played and completed this year!

The List

Games List

The Breakdown

In fact I’d say that my entire bought list cost me less than £120 which is great value no matter what way you look at it! (How should you look at it? Well, check out this post!)

Although, you will also notice that I’ve played more games than I have bought! “How is this possible?” I hear you scream as you shake your monitor, desperate for the answer, hungry for the truth. Well to put it frankly I have been attempting to clear my backlog while simultaneously trying out some PSPlus games ( I may as well, I pay for the thing!)

The biggest thing that stands out though is how little games I have completed! Simply put that list is fucking atrocious, it is much shorter than the others and quite pitiful really! This is perfectly normal for me though, I generally play way more games than I finish; and I complete more games during summer than I do any other time of year. Of those I have completed many were for reviews, so they take precedence.I know for a fact that I’ll complete more games over the coming weeks.

The Detailed Breakdown

There are many reasons to explain why I bought the games I did and why I haven’t completed them all, so lets break it down even more…

Division White DrakeJustification for buying

Many of the games I bought this year were because they were games I really wanted to play, either because I like the series (AC:Unity, KSP, Mirrors Edge and Transformers Devastation) or because they came highly recommended or were bought for me (‘Overwatch’, Person 4G & ‘Journey’). The others were bought for nostalgia or a similar reason (MD Collections, ‘Pokemon Blue’, ‘Kick Off Revival’). The one game that I was super-pysched for though was ‘The Division’…

Games I Enjoyed

CgG80-9WwAA6mmR…’The Division’ was a supremely well made game! I played it religiously for about a month and I enjoyed every single moment of the game; I enjoyed it so much that I continued to play way after every one of my mates stopped. Eventually I stopped because it is an incredibly lonely experience solo. I know that many are interested in jumping back in when the expansion lands on PS4 so hopefully my love can be rekindled then.

‘Overwatch’ is just excellent. It really is a fantastic showcase for the current crop of consoles – it runs super smoothly, looks beautiful and plays unlike anything out there. A fantastic experience that every should (and is) playing the crap out.

‘Rock Band 4’; just look at my twitter feed on Friday evenings, I love the hell out of it!

‘Nathan Drake Collection’; was very good – except the first, it really is the definition of average. All three suffer from some issues, but nothing too severe to destroy your enjoyment of the characters and stories.

CmHpp8eWMAEb1KLKSP is awesome and I have successfully gotten a ship into orbit! Next stop: Mun!

‘Journey’ and ‘Lucy’ were great experiences with no replay value what so ever but very much worth a play-through.

‘Mirrors Edge Catalyst’ is actually not as good as the OG but still a damn good game – I look forward to finishing the campaign though.

‘Pokemon Blue’ has aged more than I’d care to admit, but it’s still a fine RPG.

‘Persona 4 Golden’ is every bit as good as everyone said, and every bit as long!

Games I didn’t enjoy

‘Kick Off Revival’ is a bit shit if i’m honest – sure its retro, but its nigh on unplayable.

‘Helldivers’ was just not my cuppa; it was incredibly fucking dull for a game thats literally all about killing aliens. A real shame.

Games I haven’t started yet

ACU‘AC: Unity’ – dunno why to be honest, I should really start that soon or I fear I never will!

‘Fl0w’ – Again, i have no idea why not! This is highly regarded and it looks beautiful.

Most of the Nintendo Humble Bundle, all the Sonic games and most of the Mega Drive Collection games because of the sheer volume of games in them! I’m not made of time y’know!


I have had an amazing 2016! With the release of ‘Uncharted 4’, ‘Overwatch’, ‘Mirrors Edge’ and ‘The Division’ we have finally started to see games that couldn’t have been made on last gen technology. These games are all of a high quality too so finally; after 2 long years, the generation has finally started! We are seeing developers come to grips with it and start to create high quality titles that are about more than just looking good.

On top of this I have had the pleasure of playing through some classic titles from years gone by; many for the first time. I have a high-quality backlog that I am looking forward to decimating this summer!

2016 so far for me gets a 9/10

Whats been your highlights and lowlights so far this year?

Tell me in the comments!

8 thoughts on “My Gaming 2016 so far…

  1. I’ve been pleased with the JRPG offerings this year. Nintendo has been releasing quite a few including Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE and Bravely Second. I’ve also enjoyed Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth on the PS4. I don’t many lowlights yet, but I have yet to fully play Mighty No. 9, so that may just be it, haha.

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  2. I’ve gotta go through and really think about this. My lists I think would be longer in each category. I’ve bought waaaaaay to many games this year alone, and I’ve probably only completed 10% or less of them. Played quite a few that ended up being hits (that I’ll come back to) and misses (uninstalled). Think I’ll steal this idea for a post!

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