MrLuvva’s Luv-In #50

It’s been another month gap between this and the last luv-in! I’m totally sorry about that guys; life has been getting the way recently and i’m finding it difficult to spend time writing. It’s shite, but that’s life – when you have a little free time and a family every spare minute is spent with them!

But it’s back now! Let’s make sure that there is not another month gap! Lets keep up that writing quality and I’ll keep linking! As always if you have read a good post this week link us to it in the comment section!

Lets get down to business though, here’s what I’ve read over the past week!  

I do believe that everything this week falls under the General Gaming Posts heading!

Metroid Prime Review by Nintendobound 

Tech Review: Ballistix Elite 2133MHz DDR3 RAM by Buttonsmashers

Mediocre No. 9 Review by Miketendo 64

My 7 Favourite Games of 2016 So Far by Baden Ronie

Why Overwatch Works So Well by  Geekritique

Talkin’ Bout The Next Gen: Gen VII – Solgaleo by Miketendo 64

Trying To Play The Resident Evil VII Demo by Karl Weller

Mighty No.9 As Told By Screenshots by Murf

6 Must Own PS Vita Games  by Buttonsmashers

25 Years of Sonic! by Miketendo 64

Liebster Blog Award by Robo Heart Beat


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