My Anti-picks of E3


In my last post I stated that this years E3 was as good as I can remember; there were tons of great looking games announced and plenty for us to look forward too! However that doesn’t mean that every reveal was a success. Far from it, there were many, many reveals that fell flat or were greeted with a response of “why is this a thing?”

Here are my selections of the things that E3 convinced me NOT to buy.


I don’t know what I expected here, I thought that this game would’ve been a metroidvania title with an engaging narrative. The fact remains that ‘Recore’ was one of E3 2015’s stand out reveals; it looked like an emotional journey with a robotic companion. My interest was piqued and I thought that when I saw more of the game that it would cement my position…

…fast-forward one year and I am out! This was definitely a case of my expectations over the actual game itself, but that trailer at E3 was fucking terrible – the game looks like a generic third-person shooter (and not even a good one at that) – it looks every inch an Xbox exclusive if that makes sense. A game designed from the ground up for the 18-25 US market.

I just expected it to be more unique!

Le Sigh.


Everything I have read regarding VR states that walking in the digital space leads to nausea so when Sony unveiled this FPS I immediately replied with “What the fuck? I thought this couldn’t be done” – when they released further details of the game I was pushed further from it. Game-specific peripherals have no place in gaming in 2016; especially when said peripheral looks like a cheap Chinese toy…


…I know, I know. It’ll work with any FPS released on the VR but my question is if VR really does make you boke when your avatar moves – how many FPS will we realistically see on the PSVR?

This is all academic because ‘Farpoint’ looks about as uninteresting as FPS can get.

Xbox One S

To start their conference with a refresh model (that I totally called btw) was a ballsy move from Microsoft; and I was sold – the promise of a 4K Blu Ray drive and a sexier, sleeker box was an allure too good to resist.

I was literally talking myself into pre-ordering one of these for myself (as long as MrsLuvva didn’t find out of course ;)). What I didn’t see coming though was the end of the conference…


…The Project Scorpio reveal.

When they announced that they were making another refresh model with hugely improved tech specs it begged the question – who would buy an Xbox One S now?

Not me that’s for sure. DOA springs to mind. No-one in their right mind will “upgrade” to a S and then upgrade proper within a year – NO-ONE MICROSOFT!

Way to kill a SKU guys GG.


Remember the backlash EA got when they revealed SSX: Deadly Descents?

Remember how people said that it looked far too serious and po-faced to be a success?

Remember how they were right?

Well it appears that Ubisoft have a very short memory because their “One more thing” game was a fucking huge disappointment. ‘Steep’ is a snowboarding/skiing game that looks so devoid of any USP it fucking hurts.

There was literally nothing shown that enticed me at all – it looks flat, characterless and dare I say funless. It’s a real shame too because the world is screaming for a new SSX/Shaun White Snowboarding type game – but a fun one that captures the lifestyle of the sport and/or those who participate in the sport. Right now this looks like it falls flat on both of those fronts.

At least its “a whole new genre” right?

Dull, dull, dull.

So what were you most disappointed by at E3? Tell me in the comments!



2 thoughts on “My Anti-picks of E3

  1. The Xbox One S reveal being in the same press conference as the Project Scorpio reveal made no sense whatsoever. I know that console updates are happening more often now, but to have one system trump another one within the same hour is just hilarious.

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    • It literally made no sense at all – especially as it’s not out for a relatively long time! They made their new system redundant!

      Also the communication was all over the show with the Scorpio – it was a fucking mess! It’s no wonder Sony are walking this generation – competition is non-existent atm

      Liked by 1 person

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