Sony E3 2016 Predictions

…it’s the most wonderful time, of the year!


Come on everybody, step on up! We have games for sell! This year, or next! Or quite possibly even the following! Aren’t you all excited?! Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is E3 time once again – so here at the Luvva Tower we thought we would do and give you our predictions (which we did quite good on last year!) so you don’t have to worry about missing those pesky E3 conferences! 2.00am GMT Sony? Naw, I will just read it on the blog a few days before hand thanks!

So as we all know, I am a bit of a Sony Pony so please excuse me if this prediction turns into a bit of fan-fiction! I do allow myself to get a bit…carried away with my expectations! So, without further ado, my top 5 predictions for Sony E3 Conference 2016! (Followed by the lottery numbers!)

5) New God Of War – I predicted this last year and sadly was a no show! I think we can definitely count on it being there this year with the internet in flames a few weeks ago that not only was there a new one in the works – but also it is changing it’s mythology! Norse? Yes please!

god of war.jpg

4) Agent – Yes, remember this? 9 years ago Sony announced they were working alongside Rockstar to bring a game exclusively to the PS3. This game was about espionage and political assassinations set in the late 1970s. Maybe the core gameplay has changed and we might see a mix of Watch_Dogs multiplayer and games like Division/Destiny where ANYONE could be an opposing spy and you just know they are somewhere within your world. That would be awesome! We all thought it was dead, but could we see a revival – although maybe not exclusive to Sony anymore – on PS4? Yes, we most definitely could!


3) Crash Bandicoot – Come on can we just get this over and down with please Sony? If I see one Crash t-shirt on that stage with no announcement there will be hell to pay!


2) The Last of Us 2 – I am not too sure on this but I am going to lock it in! Final answer Chris! Naughty Dog could go with a new IP but I think they are not down with the TLoU universe and with a few things we know (I will not post to avoid spoilers) I think all signs point to a sequel to quite possibly the game of the previous generation. Hype!


And now, the moment you have all been waiting for, who is taking the top spot this year?

1) Destiny – bit of a disappointment but I don’t know how else Sony will close or set up the close but with the use of Destiny. I am pretty sure we will get details about the final large expansion for Destiny and trailer for Destiny 2 next year! Personally I hope they add ‘Fun’ as a paid DLC!


Honorable mentions : I think we will definitely get release dates for The Last Guardian (This autumn) and I think games like WiLD will finally ship this year. Probably an announcement for Knack 2 as well!

How far wide of the mark do you guys reckon I am?

Do you think this would be a pretty solid year for Sony or disappointing?

Hopefully I am a bit wrong and we get a Year of Dreams 2.0!

Let us know in the comments!

One thought on “Sony E3 2016 Predictions

  1. Pretty good predictions! I have no clue what Sony could have in store to top last year’s press conference, but a new Crash Bandicoot would be interesting. They sure tease it a lot, but I worry what it might actually be like if they made a new one. I just don’t want to see it get rebooted in a way that makes gamers lose respect for Crash Bandicoot like some other mascots lately…


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