Microsoft E3 Predictions



E3 is right around the corner, gamer Christmas, new hardware and software and more promises than a boyband album from the early 2000s!

I am fucking excited (despite all the recent “leaks” online) so what better time to get my predictions in? There is no better time! Sherry is tackling the Sony stuff so that leaves me with Microsoft (because Nintendo are being dicks and not having anything other than Zelda there this year!).

I’m not at all annoyed by this because their show last year was great; the full conference can be found on the bottom of the post for a reminder! Anyway here’s what I think will happen during their presser!

Xbox One ‘Slim’ model

Xbox-One-Slim-635x396Anyone expecting to see the Xbox “Scorpio” or the PS4K will be grossly disappointed at E3. I don’t know if these things even exist – what I do know though is that Microsoft HAVE to do something to get units moving and close the ever-increasing lead Sony are enjoying.

Do you know what moves units?

A not at all confusing system refresh (I feel that the iterative consoles will confuse Joe Public) – it worked for Sony in the last gen and by gum it’ll work here too! This is fueled by the rumours there is a refreshed controller coming, why would they not make a smaller console too? Plus MS have form here the Elite model refresh was released 3 years after the original SKUs; and guess what turns 3 this year…

…exactly – this is happening!

Oculus Rift Support

oculus-rift-vr-headset-1200x698.jpgIt is rumoured that MS have lost faith in the AR market – which means that we’re unlikely to see the Hololens again! In saying this they just cannot sit back and allow Sony to get a march on them – so to counter the  inevitable heavy focus on PSVR – they will announce that Oculus Rift support for the Xbox One starts immediately!

They’ll have a sizzle reel highlighting the experiences that are already out (hello Xbox Early Access) and also games that’ll have a “better with VR” sticker on the box.I wouldn’t be surprised if they announced a Slim Xbox + Oculus bundle pack!

Make no mistake VR is going to be massive this E3!

Gears of War 4

Gears-of-War-4-Multiplayer-Beta-491737.jpgThis game is due to release this October so it is a no-brainer when I say it’ll have a heavy presence in a playable form. Are you ready for more dude-bro action from the meaty men of Sera?

You better be because we’re gonna see the new TV spot and a truckload of features, modes and characters we haven’t seen to this point.

Forza Horizon 3

Microsoft have already confirmed a new Forza title for E3 and I do believe it is the turn of Horizon (6 launched last year – go buy it, apparently its great)! However the latest rumour is that it might not even be called ‘Horizon’ at all – but that’s what it is…

This will be set in Australia, withan open world featuring multiple cities and areas to explore – giving the game a similar scope and size of ‘The Crew’ running in glorious 1080p and 60fps!

Oh yeah, it’ll also have Rift compatibility and be the first internal game to support it!


Cuphead_Xbox_One_gameplay_screenshot.pngThe highly anticipated side-scrolling shooter with the gorgeous 1930s animation style is now on it’s 3rd E3!

This year HAS to be its last one or I fear it’ll never be finished (apparently it’s been in development since 2010)!

So it’ll be given a concrete release date as well as playable demos and possibly a short section on stage!


BattletoadsRare.pngAgain this is another one that has been doing the rounds in rumour central and it seems like a fair one to me.

The clues are everywhere, last year Spencer was wearing a Battletoads t-shirt (with a modernised logo), Crash was introduced into ‘Killer Instinct’ and the original was in ‘Rare Replay’!

I know for a fact that Rare won’t be making this game (they’re busy with ‘Sea of Thieves’) but this is coming – probably as a £20 digital title!

Sea of Thieves

Will be given some time on stage to give us actual game-play details and one of these heavily choreographed demos! It will NOT be a traditional MMO like WoW but rather in the vain of ‘Destiny’ and ‘The Division’ – a tentative release date of Q3 2017 will be set!


Will all have demos at the show – as well as new details and release dates (undoubtedly all Q1/2 2017)!

What do you think?

Have I been too crazy or conservative?

Have I forgotten something?

What do you want to see from Microsoft?

Tell me in the comments!




7 thoughts on “Microsoft E3 Predictions

  1. I’m most interested in Sea of Thieves. I want to see new Rare succeed, but we’ll see. Microsoft will have to really impress to catch up to Sony especially after last year’s E3. Nice predictions!


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