Ignorance Is Bliss

…taking time out from “fan” opinion.


As you all know I have wrote quite a lot over the last couple of months about things within gaming culture and fan forums which just rub me the wrong way. Well, today marks the start of a glorious new beginning…I am done!Not from writing or gaming silly, I am just done with frequenting forums such as NeoGAF and the likes. While these forums can be amazing and a lot of the time they are, lately they have just become a cesspool of mob mentality and I find it has a negative impact on games on I haven’t even played. Which is kind of messed up!

It also makes me feel guilty for enjoying games I enjoy. Take Tuesday for example, with the release of Gearbox new game”Battleborn”. Normally, seeing as I am a HUGE “Borderlands” I would have gave it the same treatment I gave to Ubisofts “The Division” but after reading the backlash against that game (to be fair it was mostly against Gearbox) I just could not be bothered reading that drivel in the comment section too in what is supposed to be fun for me.

If you believed NeoGAF “Battleborn” would have been the worst game ever created since E.T : The Extraterrestrial on the Atari. Spoiler, it isn’t. I have been having a crap ton of fun with that game – and that is EXACTLY what it is about. If we aren’t having fun that what the hell is even the point?

Also, being away from these sites will make EVERYTHING at E3 a surprise – and that is always a bonus!

The last time I did something like this was the end of last season. I said to myself I was done reading forums such as “The Red and White Kop” the Liverpool FC fan forum. While I was interested in other peoples opinions on match results and stuff like that, I was not prepared to wave through the utter negativity that most threads were composed off. To put it bluntly, it was killing my love for the sport while making it also give Liverpool results a negative effect on my life – win or lose! Sounds insane but it was true. It’s surprising how much you will only see the bad part of something if enough people shout it at you.

So my message to you on this day is : don’t listen to what others say about games you enjoy. If you have fun with it, play it until you don’t and if you don’t have fun with a game but are persisting due to how “you’re not a real gamer” or “missing out a great experience” – drop that shit instantly!

Thank you all for reading, and I look forward to bringing you the review for “Battleborn” next Saturday!


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