2nd Anniversary Celebrations #5

Well the anniversary date has officially passed, but we’re gonna keep this party going until the end of the week! That means we’ll have a few more good posts for you to enjoy – then we’re into May which is my birthday month, the NBI and the big rush for E3 and Gamescom! Exciting times ahead!

If I picked my last post because I was almost 100% correct with it, then today’s post is the diametric opposite to it! Here was a time that I was 100% completely wrong! In my hubris I cocked up! 


But hey, nobody is perfect and this is still a damn fine post on my favourite genre (can you remember which that is?). So go read it so you can lord it over me for all time!

Resident Evil Zero HD – The Bad News

Hell once you’re done reading it, why not lord it over me in the comments? That’ll show me!


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