MrLuvva’s Luv-In #48

Well the past week has been a very good one for all involved in Luvva Towers – it saw me upload my first YouTube video in nearly a year, I received my free Elgato HD60S (review incoming), I got into the ‘Mirrors Edge: Catalyst’ Closed BETA and it was a  belter of week for the blog! Success!

I’ve also been reading a ton of stuff on the pages of other fine blogs and; by now, you really should know what to do, bu just in case you don’t – click the links that tickle your fancy and support these great blogs!

General Gaming Posts

Trackmania Turbo Review: Hot Wheels by Play Legit

Game in 60 Seconds: CoD Black Ops 3 by Pick3dLast

Miitomo (Mobile) Review by MrPanda (for Miketendo64)

The Xbox 360 Is Officially Dead by Baden Ronie

Why I love handhelds by Mike_Scorpio

Mirrors Edge Catalyst Initial Thoughts by Gamer Crash

First Impressions: Bioshock by Gamerdame

My Year Of Miketendo64 by Miketendo64

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