2nd Anniversary Celebrations #2

2nd anniversary.PNGIf you’ve just joined us then welcome, we a re currently in the midst of celebrating our second year of blogging!

To celebrate this milestone we are selecting our favourite/best posts of the last two years and putting them for all to enjoy! And if you haven’t read today’s choice before, then you sir/madam are in for a treat! 

It is my second post highlight to celebrate another anniversary; the post I’ve picked today has been selected for a number of reasons.

The first reason is that, even though it was written over a year ago(!) I remember the reasons why it was written and even the act of writing it.

Secondly I remember laughing to myself as I compiled the list, not because I am some sort of comic genius (although I am) but because some of the stuff I was learning was mental – it seems the world supplies us with comedy if we look hard enough.

And lastly – I happen to think that it is one of the finest lists I’ve ever compiled on these pages!

If all of this is not a reason to read it, I don’t know what is, so click that link and have a gander!

The Weird Reasons Games Get Banned

Are you back?

Read it?

Then why not leave a comment about which you think is the most ridiculous!


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