2nd Anniversary Celebrations #1

21/04/14 was the date of my first ever post (right here for those who are interested)!

Since that humble little “what is this” post there have been over 15,000 views and that number continues to climb – to be honest, I’m not sure why you’re continuing to read my stuff but I am grateful for each and every view!

Like last years celebrations (see them here) I am going to highlight my favourite posts – unlike last year, MrJohnSherry is going to pick two of his posts to highlight as well. This means that over the next two weeks there will be a post a day; so make sure you check in often to see something new or something you missed!


Todays choice of highlighted post is one of my favourites because it still makes me laugh! It was a random post at the time and it still stands out as an oddball post; but sometimes oddball is a good thing – with this post I think it is a great thing!

WWII game Jurgen Klinnsman would approve of

Why not go read it, and tell me what you think of it in the comment section! 

Better yet, why not tell me what your favourite post is (of mine obviously)!


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