MrLuvva’s Luv-In #47

We’re now midway through April and my calendar is close to losing another page – the years go way too quickly for my liking.

Speaking of years, this week (the 21st to be precise) marks the two year anniversary of these pages (the humble beginnings when the blog was something very different)!

To mark this occasion myself and MrJohnSherry will be picking our favourite posts from the last two years and highlighting them in bonus posts for your enjoyment! Basically it means that it will be 14 days of non-stop content to read and revisit.

So join us on our celebration of all things Luvva!

Today though we are sharing the work of others, and we have a good few posts that deserve your attention; as always click those links that appeal and give these guys your support. Ok thanks bye!

General Gaming Posts

The Division in Real Life by pick3dlast

4 Things That Surprised Me About The Division by GamerCrash

Corpse Party Coming To 3DS by Qudduws (Buttonsmashers)

All New Details! First-Hand Pokemon GO! Account Reveals by Miketendo64

Lets Play: Video Games That Are Better Played With Friends Than Solo by Simpleek

MurfVs28: 1997 is for Ultima Online by Murf

General Blog Posts

Back From The Dead by Leo’s Life

Mr Panda Has Come To Play! by Miketendo64

Fighting Invalid Copywrite Claims…The Good Fight? by Allaweh (Buttonsmashers)

Dashing Off Some Words About Star Wars: The Force Unleashed by Cary




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