Social Gaming For the Win!

…oooh, you’re my best friend!


While I do love a good solo game, The Last of Us, Uncharted you name it – I want it! But, there is a certain thing it can’t do. It can’t make me feel like I am apart of something that me and my friends can talk about for ages.

Sure, we do discuss the plots for them sort of games and try to make sense of some thing (The Last of Us being a great example of this) but it’s something else when you can do something together in a game and discuss it or use it as a taunt to them.

Yesterday I played The Division with a few friends, and for nothing more than about 6 hours we just grinded out the latest glitch to get the best gear. Now, if I was doing this solo it would be so monotonous. With friends however you can have a laugh about it and just arse around a bit like jumping in the way of each others grenades so they bounce back or don’t go anywhere near where you wanted them too.

That game just comes to life with friends. Sure, the missions can be fun solo but run through them with friends on a higher difficulty and it literally feels like you aren’t playing the same game anymore. Or venture into the Dark Zone with a group of buddies and it becomes a completely different experience.

Then I got challenged by another good friend to a few games on Street Fighter V. We had about 6 games, me winning 5 him the other 1 but it never got bitchy. If I was playing online against randoms I would have been told how great my mother was in bed, or how I deserved some horrible terminal disease. Not with friends, he may have lost 5 games but when he won that one match he loved it! We were competitive during the bouts but friendly again straight after just discussing random nonsense that sprung into our minds. Nothing quite like two complete newbies battling it out!

It’s fun, a different type of fun which you can’t have with single player experiences. It is why I will always be more partial to a multiplayer co-op experience rather than a single player one.

Which experience do you prefer?

Can you and your friends remain civil during competitive matches?

Or is your mum his bitch?

Let us know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Social Gaming For the Win!

  1. I’m tired of the multiplayer scene. Perhaps a contributing factor is that I spend pretty much the entirety of my life around other people. I work with them, I live with five of them, I do volunteer work with them. Sometimes I just want to sit down and do something by myself. In most cases, game!

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  2. When Watch Dogs came out, as a singleplayer guy myself, I found it kinda meh, but me and my best friend would just use the backdrop of Chicago to catch up with each other as we wander aimlessly across railway lines and rear-end into clothes stores. You make the fun yourself, which is why you always have a good old chuckle.

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