MrLuvva’s Luv-In #44

In a week that has seen chocolate day (Easter), the release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the horrific reviews and the comic geeks vociferously defend it with the mantra “the critics just don’t understand!”…

…comes the latest installment of my luv-in! This week I have read and enjoyed a hell of a lot of your stuff; but my clicking of the like button has gone to pot already! If your post is here rest assured that I bloody enjoyed your stuff!

As always please click the links that take your fancy, then click the others as well, support these guys – every single one of them deserves it!

Until next week guys!

Luv you all, bye!

General Gaming posts

Lucy The Eternity She Wished For Review by Me on the Gaming ground

Of Fish And Blenders by Jeromai

Miketendo64! Bringing You News, Reviews And Soon, Giveaways! by Mike_Scorpio

NX Controller Leaks Confirmed Fake By Leakers by Mike_Scorpio

New Info On Pokemon Go! by Geekritique

Pokken Tournament Review: Fighting Evolved by KJ (Play Legit)

Open Call For Guest Contributors by Geekritique

Stretch you paws on your PS4 by Simple Reasons To Press Start

Emergent Storytime with Tom Clancy’s The Division by Gamer Crash

Street Fighter V…Thanks But No Thanks by Cary

This Guy Remade Leaf Green To Propose To His Girlfriend! by RaffiGraffiti (Geekend Gladiators)

Movie Posts

Trailers You Might’ve Missed This Week: LEGO Batman Movie Teaser Trailer by Geekritique

The Road To Civil War – An Extended Cut Worthy or Mjolnir by Geekritique

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Review by Mochoco (Play Legit)

Accept Differences, Challenge Sterotypes And Never Give Up: Lessons From Disney’s Zootopia by Simpleek

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