Tap Heroes Review

…tappa tappa tappa

Tap Heroes

Recently MrLuvva sent me a game code for a game he wanted me to review, so what was that game? Trackmania Turbo? Salt and Sanctuary? No, it was a game by VaragtP called “Tap Heroes”. So what did I think?

Firstly, I have to say the graphics are nothing special, but the styling of the game is very pleasing to me. It is set up like a puppet show set across various locations, such as a forest and a frozen tundra, as you hack and slash through a never ending swarm of enemies. I need to say, there is very very little to do in this game, it is the epitome of “kill this, buy this, watch damage numbers get bigger x infinity”. Which at the start I really really wasn’t in to.

It just felt completely like a waste of time, but then I discovered the real way to play this game. This is the sort of game you leave running in the background while you watch some YouTube or twitch and do a bit of writing and drop in once or twice an hour to invest your gold drops into your hero stats.

Speaking of heroes, there is three in total, Rogue (buff/debuff long range guy) Mage (healer of the group so you don’t have to manually heal) and the Warrior (the main damage dealer). The way I played it was put the majority of your stats upgrades into your Warrior primarily and your Mage secondary. The rogue guy is just a little bonus but I never felt the need I needed to get him to a high level as the other two for him to be effective.

The only major downside to this game was it felt completely worthless to invest gold into the player “stats” – basically how much damage you deal when you attack with the mouse click or heal with it. I just felt my wrist get incredibly sore after like 15 minutes of doing this and stopped. Just focus on your heroes stats for a better time.

All in all, while a very simple and non-complex game – it still somehow manages to charm you in into spending a few hours every sitting, which I am not quite sure how it does it but it does feel kind of rewarding. More so than any other game that I have played in this “clicker” genre.


Would you consider playing a clicker?

Have you played on before?

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