My Problem With Peoples Opinions

…..But we all have one.


Lately I have been getting a tad bit salty over certain peoples scoring policies and what they come out with. It started with the frankly absurd IGN score for Ubisofts latest title “The Division” – you may have heard about that on this blog! Yesterday, a new frankly absurd opinion surfaced on the internet, about the same game but this time from “Angry Joe”.

To start off he shows the clip from E3 complaining that the game doesn’t play like that and there is certain zones you can’t go into. Yes Joe, that clip was from THREE YEARS AGO! Now, I am not saying that it’s particularly a good thing that Ubisoft cut or decided against using these locations or certain game mechanics, but game design changes. They have to make sacrifices in order to get their vision crafted and to allow for good performance on not only consoles but the varying different specs PC’s can come in. Now, if the clip he was tearing into was from 6 months ago, he would have a very decent point. But it wasn’t. Although I do agree with him it would be pretty awesome if we could extract from ANYWHERE in the Dark Zone.

He then goes on to complain about having the clothing appearance having very little difference in peoples appearances. Again, I have to severely disagree. As a bon-a-fide clothing hoarder this is not true. I have A LOT and I mean A LOT of clothes and the vast majority of it have a lot of variation. Joe, you can’t complain about that then complain about armour not looking different, you can’t complain about how you look like everyone else then say you wish armour changed how your character looked….wouldn’t that just mean you would also look like everyone else also?!

He complains about bullet sponge enemies, Joe to be freaking honest with you – that complaint doesn’t fly with me neither. You put 35 hours into the game. The game is a LOOTER SHOOTER. You know what that means? It means think Diablo, if you don’t min/max your character stats you will have a bad time. I have done MANY MANY MANY Challenge Mode missions, the hardest missions in the game and apart from the heavies within the misisons, the teams I roll with drop enemies within 10-15 seconds of fighting them. Not exactly what I would call bullet sponges. Put the time in, and you will be rewarded, just like Destiny, just like Diablo.

But my biggest problem with his review revolves around the story and how the story is told. He complains about how all the cool stuff happened before the 2nd wave of agents are deployed and now we are cleaning up the mess. Well, yes Joe, that was the whole premise of the game. The agents are sent in to stop the other factions from getting control of the city and trying to bring some-what peace to the city. The collectibles are there to flesh out how people felt during the outbreak and the struggle everyday people went through because of it. And you know the way you said we never see the effects of the virus joe? Well, like I said, this is MONTHS after the outbreak finished – which was designed to kill certain people and now that worked average people won’t be getting murdered anymore. But those collectibles IS OUR VIEW INTO THE EFFECTS OF IT JOE! Also, do a 5 second google on the cleaners faction, they SET PEOPLE ON FIRE IN THE STREET BECAUSE OF IT!

Please be aware this post isn’t an attack on Angry Joe. Far from it, I actually quick like the guy and watch the vast majority of the videos.  I agree with a few of his points especially those calling out the character customisation at the beginning (the options are very very poor) and the enemy variation, but he is not exempt from criticism just like everybody else. One last thing though, the phoenix credits weren’t nerfed from 15 to 1 per boss drop, they were nerfed from 10-15 to 1-3 per boss Joe – please report factually. Thanks.

Anyone ever made you this salty?

Can I have some vinegar with my salt?

Let us know in the comments!

6 thoughts on “My Problem With Peoples Opinions

  1. I have to disagree with this post on principle.

    That’s blunt and sounds like I’m calling you a willie, I’m not.

    Your first point I have to disagree with. Joe disliked the disparity between the e3 trailer and the actuality of the game because the trailer clearly entails that there is a much more expansive world on offer than was actually released. The trailer also had a hefty dosage of the mic trick ( I can see what your saying about how we have to be somewhat lenient about what changes before and after trailers but the trailer is a clearly polished vertical slice of what Joe considers to be a painfully average game, and considering the graphic drops that happened with Watch Dogs from e3 to actuality, Ubisoft doesn’t get another strike and I commend Joe for pointing it out. The time that has passed since the trailer doesn’t matter, it’s the principle of them changing the trailer that matters.

    I think Joe wanted armour to make you look different so that more variety of appearances was available, meaning that it would be less likely that everyone looked the same, especially when you consider levelled tiers of armour.

    Joe’s complaint with the story doesn’t lie with its chronology or exposition or workings but rather with its content. He implies that a story that took place rather before the events of the current one would have been a more interesting experience, to be in the midst of the outbreak or closer to it chronologically.

    I really enjoy your blog but this post feels like an extensive subtweet at one man for one review, and from your title and your first sentence I was expecting something much, much different.

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    • Vahr I get your points and you have presented a well reasoned counter to the post!

      And to be honest I agree with both you and MrJohnSherry on different things!

      I think that Joe points out flaws that are borne of his own expectations of the title. Perhaps the e3 trailer created stood expectation and ubi is to blame for it; but holding up (for example) armour and its lack of visual indicators as a major flaw is not really representative of the game as a whole.

      The story time frame (a design choice that I think benefits the game) and narrative as a whole is more worthy of his time. I agree the story could be more interesting. But at the same time the bits of lore found in recordings/phones/set dressings really flesh it out for the determined player! I for one am all for this style of non-linear story telling! It worked incredibly well in Miyazaki’s games and it works well here too!

      Why should developers hold our hands through the narrative?

      For one I think cut scenes are a lazy way of creating exposition and for another it’s too passive! We are working in an interactive medium and our stories should also be interactive.

      I do believe the outbreak was covered in a companion novel (ironically not by Clancy RIP). But it’s there if anyone wants to hunt it out!

      These are just my thoughts! No one thought you were calling him a Willy either lol – I lost my shit to that line; funny as hell!

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  2. That’s fair, about your point on cutscenes I actually agree in many cases. I did a little thought piece on Valiant Hearts and I found that the revelation of exposition without cutscenes made for a less, as you say, hand-holdey experience. Great game!

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