MrLuvva’s Luv-In #41


Luv-In is evolving!

See what I did there? I did a Pokemon reference because it turned 20 years old recently and I have still to make any reference to it on these pages (that post is incoming) and I also had to come up with a witty way of introducing the new (and hopefully improved) luv-in posts!

I will preface this by asking every one of you to support each of these posts, and of course the writers, by clicking each link. Of course you can still link to a post you have enjoyed recently in the comments section; but without further ado here are the posts that I have enjoyed this week (no longer limited to 7 posts).

Pokemon Posts

One thing I have been playing a lot of recently is Pokemon, I bloody love this franchise and have owned pretty much every mainline game in the series since I bought Blue in the late 90s. It is one of my favourite franchises ever; in fact, it might actually be my favourite franchise – especially if we consider how much time I’ve spent on each title!

Here are some great posts about Pokemon:

Honest Game Trailers: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl (and links to every other game) by TAGN ( I got it right this week!)

Pokemon, Oh How Things Have Changed (For Me) by Cary

Growing Up A Pokemon Kid by A Gamer’s Historia

Everything I Hope To See In Pokemon Sun/Moon by Murf

General Gaming Posts

We all love gaming, that’s why we write and read about them in the time we’re not playing them! Here’s some great posts you should read:

Why Division Wins by Belghast

Friday Lists: Distraction Edition by Jeremy Voss

Why Did I Do This To Myself? by Murf

Growing Up As A Gamer And Why I Don’t Enjoy DK64 Anymore by DuckofIndeed

Non-Gaming Posts

When I’m not playing, I’m doing other things! It would e a pretty shitty life if I did nothing but game; my interests are varied and cool!

Anyway Here’s a few cracking random topic posts for you all to enjoy:

Dean Ambrose Could Be A Made Man After Wrestlemania 32 by Vincent Krasauskas

More From The Stream by Izlain

DEADPOOL,,, Motherf&%(ing Right! by The Night Gamer Rising

In The Car After (Ep.14) The Revenant by RaffyGraffiti

Alien Identities by TwoPointyEars

Got any good posts that I have missed? Please share them with us in the comments!




2 thoughts on “MrLuvva’s Luv-In #41

    • Awesome post! Thanks for sharing Cary! I followed that blog, some really cool stuff there!

      Hopefully we get many of this type of comment! Together we can fill up every Luv-In with awesome content from around the blogosphere!

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