The Division Starter Guide

…It’s the final countdown! do do doo doooo, duh da doo doo doo


When Civilization Falls, We Will Rise

Guys, guys, GUYS! We have done it! It is just three more days so I thought I would be your friendly neighbourhood up-to-speed-guy and bring you EVERYTHING you need to know about the Division going into the game on Tuesday!

Ok, so the first thing you will be doing is leveling up on the main missions and side missions. If you are anything like me, I highly recommend going through these at your own pace by yourself so you don’t get team mates ruining the story experience for you by talking over dialogue (sorry Luvva, you know I love you really ❤ ) Also, while you do these missions and side missions, be sure to keep an eye out for intel documents and audio tapes scattered throughout the city. Each one will bag you a nice XP gain and give you more background lore into what really happened during the outbreak.

Just be sure to ALWAYS use the restock containers in the mission zones (usually found just before the next stage of the mission) and are also found within the ‘Base of Operations’ right beside the way out! They are free to use and will restock ammo, grenades and med packs! It doesn’t cost you anything so better safe than sorry! They are also found at entrances to the Dark Zone and in Safe Houses dotted around the map (including the Dark Zone!)

During your travels around the city, you will receive offers from various NPC civilians asking you for canned food or other such resources. From my experience in the beta, I would recommend giving them what they want if you can – it will score you some XP and they also give you clothing drops for your appearance tab. An awesome way to fill out your cupboard! If you really want to be the cock-of-the-walk be sure to loot EVERY wardrobe you come across and there is LOTS ( I found like 20-30 in the small area available during the betas). You will be a fashion icon in no time!

While you are earning XP and going through the story missions you will be unlocking skills for your character so be sure to level up those you want to specialise in. For me personally I want to play a sort of “Over watch” character, so I will be putting a lot of points into the heal gun to keep teammates healed from a distance, and Pulse to get that extra critical damage! You can unlock every perk in the game eventually, so don’t be stressing too much about this!

Once you get through the story missions and side missions you may feel like you are not quite confident in your gear to venture into the dark zone – this will be the time I start teaming up with friends. Gather a few of your mates and move into the story missions again but this team on harder difficulties. In the beta when you did this you were always guaranteed a blue drop from the first mission, so I am assuming if you do this for later story missions you may even get purples either from completing the mission or from the harder mobs found within it!

Which leads us into the Dark Zone. If I can offer you one piece of advice on this, don’t go alone! Sure, it’s possible to survive as a solo player, it will just be a much much harder experience. Plus, there is nothing quite like having 3 of your friends and after 30-60 minutes of finding nothing, seeing and opportunity to get some loot from people calling in for extractions. Will it be greens? Yellows? That’s the risk! Are you willing to risk it all? Also, if you go into the dark zone before max level (seemingly level 30) know each tier is separated by levels. As far as I know it is broken into the follow criteria : DZ 1 Level 1 – 15, DZ 2 Level 15-19, DZ 3 Level 19- 23, DZ 4 Level 24 – 29, DZ 5 Level 30-30. I could be a bit off with them but it won’t be by far! From what I have read you will never see a player more than 3 levels higher than you in these lower level DZ. So if you are level 5 you won’t come across anything higher than level 8’s. I am not sure if this is confirmed but I read it on the Division sub-reddit!

To finish off this quick starter guide here is the gear colour scale:

division gear 1

Grey – Common

Division gear 2

Green – Uncommon

division gear 3

Blue – Rare

division gear 4

Pink – Epic

division gear 5

Orange – Legendary

Be sure to remember that while ALL weapons of the same gun (such as an MP5) will have the same recoil, fire-rate etc. DPS (damage per second) can differ per weapon. And just because it has a higher rarity level doesn’t always mean it is better. During the beta various people got Green loot with a higher DPS than Blue loot of the same gun. Just be cautious of this!

That covers everything I feel that you need to know guys, have fun in game and I will see you all in the Dark Zone!

Did you guys like this guide?

Are you as excited as I am for The Division?

Let us know in the comments!


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