MrLuvva’s Luv-In #36

The weeks keep falling (and so do the celebrities) in 2016; it is unbelievable to think we are officially into February – it is also unbelievable to think that I have not once made my three post quota a week in 2016! I continue to apologise for this but I don’t know when I’ll realistically be able to find the time rectify this!

I haven’t stopped reading though and my luv-in posts will still be regular as clockwork…why this here is such a post! As always click each link and support these great articles! They really do deserve your attention.

Help, I Can’t Tell If I’m Having Fun In HearthstoneAbout 6 months ago I wrote a piece about how I discovered ‘Hearthstone’ and how much I enjoyed playing it (to be found here) and now we have ChaosConstant who is writing a piece about how he (she?) is not sure if they like the game. This is a really interesting piece that highlights a number of issues players would have with a deck-building game; a really interesting read for casual players of the game (like I am). Kudos Chaos!

After Shock: The Witness Taking Sales Hit From PiracyThis was a story that filled me with little sympathy for Jonathon Blow (who is in danger of being lumped in the Phil Fish category of “Whiney Indie Dev”) who took to twitter to state that his game was being pirated on PC (who would’ve thought? the first game to ever be pirated I guess). This post was well considered thought and I really enjoyed how it was presented – really well done to Tommy Robbins for nearly winning me over.

Rediscovering “Golden Sun” In HD!A great little mini-review and an excellent quality video of a favourite of mine. ‘Golden Sun’ was an excellent J-RPG and a technical wonder on the humble GBA. If you’ve never played it; or if you want to relive it click the link and give this post your attention!

Gemini: Heroes Reborn Review I watched Lirik play a game on sub-Sunday, it was a telekinesis game and I had no idea what it was – it looked fun in a low-budget game way. It turns out this game was a ‘Heroes’ game, what? Baden Ronnie has written a wonderful review that covers everything you could ever want to know about it; expertly written Baden!

First Impressions: Bloodborne: GamerDame finally gets round to playing my game of the year and has written a superb piece on her first experiences in the wonderful world of Yharnam! It is a brilliantly written piece that I enjoyed massively; I look forward to more on her experiences as she progresses through the main story and DLC. #bringiton

Have You Ever Suffered From Videogame Fatigue?A post about a condition I’m sure everybody reading this has experienced at least once in their lifetime. What I liked about this post was it didn’t come across as anything but positive; given the topic being discussed this is no mean feat. Rhino has given some good advice in this post – truly a great one to read; especially if you are going through a dry patch.

The Division Beta Impressions: Spoiler alert,  Eri loved this BETA. So much so she has written and absolutely smashing review of it and I can’t help but find myself argeeing with her in all respects. My thoughts on the BETA are incoming! In the meantime go read this mighty good post.


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