Backlog Blitz: Uncharted Drakes Fortune Quick Review

…Sonys Fortune

Would you believe it? Two games down already! Never in my dreams did I think I would do this well, this soon! So, what was the second game?


Drake Never Looked So Good!

Uncharted! Uncharted : Drakes Fortune to be more precise. Having never even played Drakes Fortune before, but watching Luvva play through it many many moons ago – I thought it was time for me to get on the horse. Especially as I adore 2 and 3! So how did it hold up?

Well…I am not sure really. I have heard that the leap between 1 and 2 was rather astonishing and I always waved it off – not really believing it in the slightest! I think I can now wholeheartedly agree!

I may be a bit backwards coming at it off the back of 2 and 3 (although, they were a long time ago now!) but even in the Remastered Drakes Fortune there is some quite noticeable differences between the games. The main one being is pacing! Good lord! About half way through Drakes Fortune I literally knew exactly what to expect, platforming then corridor shooting – rinse and repeat for about 10 hours. While 2 and 3 were more or less the same concept, at least it was disguised a bit better.

My main hatred of this game though was the difficulty spikes. I played through it on Hard difficulty and got through the vast vast majority of the game without any heartache at all. Until the last chapter! That final boss fight was absolute hogwash! Totally unfair and took me at least a good 7-8 attempts to even get what the heck I was supposed to be doing! While this may be down to my own failures, I feel the game didn’t communicate very well that the boss was invincible until you got him all the way to the top of the ship.

Overall, it’s an Uncharted game and as we have came to expect with both that and Naughty Dog, the story telling is great as always. While the game play could do with a lot of work (which comes to pass later in the series) I feel I would have appreciated this game a lot more during it’s initial release on PS3.


Have you played the UC:C?

Has time changed your perception?

Let us know in the comments!


One thought on “Backlog Blitz: Uncharted Drakes Fortune Quick Review

  1. I agree with your points to be honest, the final boss is an absolute mess (but Naughty Dog are guilty of this in almost every game they have made) trial and error is not a good way to end a game.

    Drakes Fortune’s biggest failing though is that it is far too reliant on its average shooting mechanics – even though the remaster goes some way to fixing it the aim controls are spongey, the enemies have God-tier aim and the game does a horrendous job at alerting you where you are being shot from. And the spawning behind you is frustrating as fuck!

    It does get some stuff absolutely spot on, some puzzles are the best in the series, the story is well paced; the most Indiana Jones of the three core titles and it is an immense amount of fun. Lets not mention the jet ski levels though…

    6/10 from me


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