What Do You About A Problem Like Backlog

I know that MrJohnSherry is currently chronicling his adventures through his backlog, but I too am attempting to work my way through my own and it is proving to be troublesome. Throughout January I have been taking Sony up on some of their smashing Winter sale deals and it is proving to be a killer decision.

Before I start on my issues though I want to let you all in on the size of the problem that lies before me; and I’m only going to talk about my Playstation Consoles. The games in my backlog are:

  1. Murusaki Baby
  2. Freedom Wars
  3. Persona 4 Golden
  4. Tembo the Badass Elephant
  5. Resident Evil 0 HD
  6. Uncharted 2 and 3 HD
  7. Flower
  8. Fl0w
  9. Journey
  10. Assassins Creed Unity
  11. Transformers Devastation
  12. Alien Isolation – Challenge Rooms DLC
  13. Rock Band 4
  14. Valiant Hearts

That list is truly frightening, there are some games on this list that are 20-40 hours long and even some that are considerably longer! I want to have this backlog clear by the


The driving force!

time that ‘The Division’ gets released; but it’s gotten to the point were I power up the console and cannot decide on what game to play!

The task at hand is beginning to look like a mountain!

What can I do about this?

I needed a plan. I can’t go on knowing that I am spending my hard-earned cash on games that will go unplayed; now that I have a family to support money is a precious commodity and I cannot justify this spending habit anymore. These games have to be beaten.

How though, how do I prioritise these games?

My initial thought was to play them in order of desire; I should play these games in the order that I want to play them in…there was one big issue with this though; the games I want to play the most are the longer ones.

If I started with Persona 4 Golden; a game that has over 100 hours of content, I would still be playing it by the time ‘Mirrors Edge Catalyst’ gets released; let alone when ‘The Division’ is out!

This would never do! I needed a more efficient idea.

My next idea was to play them in order of how short they are. Journey is meant to be


All beautiful games, but I daren’t play them one after another!

incredible and it only lasts an hour or two! It seemed like the perfect idea; theoretically I could knock ‘Journey’, ‘Flower’ and ‘Fl0w’  in an afternoon. This would bring my backlog down to only 9 games in a day. It would also give me a number of reviews for these pages; however there is an issue with this plan too…

…as good as these games undoubtedly are, they are very similar in certain ways. A break would be needed between these three specifically. The object of this is to clear up my games not to put me off them through over-familiarity.

Perhaps there is a balance to be found here.

Then it occured to me, I can mix and match my games. I could play a short title, then a long one and intersperse that with a handheld title. I could feel a solid third plan forming; it was glorious…

…My third plan; and the one I’m currently going along with, is very simple. I’m just going to play games. The pressure of having this log cleared by ‘The Division’ was actually taking the fun out of it for me; and why play games if it’s not fun? That’s kinda the whole point of this amazing hobby of ours!

So my plan removes all the pressure of “I MUST COMPL373 THESE GAMEZ!!!!” and it is this;

  1. Pick a game
  2. Play it
  3. Complete it
  4. Review it

In more detail though it goes a little something like this:

  1. I’m going to play two games at a time; one on the PS4 and one on the PSVita. This means I can play two games simultaneously but at a steady rate rather than racing through them all.
  2. Record every second of gameplay until I complete the games.
  3.  Write a review for each game with an accompanying video review!
  4. For games that have no “true” end; I’m counting 20 hours of gameplay as completed.

I am aiming to finish a game a system a week! That is a realistic target that doesn’t require me to play for hours on end. It will give me a review a week to put up here, and a video for YouTube too at the same time! Winning on two fronts.

I don’t know how long it will take me to clear this backlog, but it will be cleared and it will be fun.

Then maybe I’ll play those games in my Steam library…


…we’ll see!

Have you ever tried tackling your backlog?

Did you succeed?

Share your stories and tips with me in the comments!




6 thoughts on “What Do You About A Problem Like Backlog

  1. Mine shows a time of 2818 hours to complete my steam catalog. However, there are quite a few titles I have on there that I either finished or decided I didn’t like so I know it’s not quite that long. But that number is ludicrous. I mean, that’s 117 days straight with no breaks for anything!

    Liked by 1 person

      • The sad thing is I probably have an equally big backlog on my Playstation… and if I buy the PS4 with my tax return like I’m planning to, I’ll instantly have a bigger backlog because of PSPlus games I’ve “bought” for PS4 all this time I’ve had Plus. Literal instant game collection!


  2. That’s how they get ya man! If it’s any consolation, most of the PSPlus titles (in Europe anyway) have been pretty crap and can be ignored! Dunno if the US has been any better


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