MrLuvva’s Luv-In #35

Well another week has come and gone and I have missed another post – it’s not intentional, I am incredibly busy! Although one thing I haven’t been too busy to do is read what other bloggers have been putting out there.

As always (although later than usual) here are my picks of the best posts I have read over the past week. Please click each and support these fine posts and their bloggers, I’ll leave you with a promise that I will get back into my usual posting pattern as soon as possible!

Extra Credits – Still Skeptical of VRA damned good video showing five of the problems that VR is going to face when it comes out to the public. This video really got me thinking about VR as a platform rather than a peripheral; I am really excited by the potential shown by all the VR headsets and hope it can overcome these issues!

MMO’s on the list of most import PC gamesTAGN has explored the PC gamer list of the most important PC games ever released. TAGN has picked out the MMOs on that list and has created a great post that analyses the genre’s past, present and future. Even if you have no interest in MMOs (I don’t) you should read this!

The Coin-Op Question: Which Games Are Must-Haves in 2016? I love these posts from playlegit, and at the time of writing; this one did not get the comments that it deserved! I though that this was a cracking question to ask – please go check out this series and if you can, take part in the next one this coming weekend!

Chuck’s Top 10 Games of 2015A great list from chuck! As I said in my GOTY post, 2015 was a good year for games – while it was short on classics, it had a high number of very good games. This list is full of such games – I won’t ruin what he thinks is the best game of the last year, but I will implore you to go read it!

Life Without LevelsA really interesting read on the topic of levelless MMORPGs from Wait for Rez; specifically in ‘The Secret World’. Go read!

Uncharted In Captions A really fun post from CT Murfy! It is essentially a review in pictures! Check that out!

5 Survival Horror Games Keeping the Genre Alive and Well in 2016Regular readers will know that I am a massive Survival Horror fan; I love the genre and buy horror games like they are going out of fashion. Over the past ten years however the genre has taken a kicking and we’ve not seen many good releases. 2016 looks to rectify that however (and I know we’ve had a couple false dawns; be positive though!). Check out this detailed post on the subject by Jen from Another Castle!


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