Backlog Casualties

….another one bites the dust!

It was inevitable that I would try my hardest to get through this backlog – but there is some things I can not and will not do. That is play games which I find about as much fun as a root canal. Unfortunately, two from my list have turned out that way. Let me explain.


First up, I came to the realisation on Monday that I just don’t have the patience for a game like Grim Fandango. Don’t get me wrong, it seems like a perfectly good game, but my days of trying to solve all those very complex puzzles are long behind me. I was doing fine up until I had to go see a clown, get 3 different balloons and a baguette (still don’t know what the baguette is for) and fill the balloons with poly filler. After that I was to post them and then go down to the room they go do too which is guarded by a purple demon. Once I entered that room I had to turn the latch so when he followed me out. Then I had to go and swipe a playing card I had hole-punched and steal a client.

I have no idea how I should have been able to work that out if I wasn’t using an FAQ because without an FAQ I was getting absolutely NOWHERE. Not fun for me at all, but I respect its legacy.


Second game being Batman : Arkham Knight. Holy shit that game is an absolute slog. I don’t use that term unnecessarily neither. It is just not fun, the bat mobile parts are horrendous and trying to distract Harley’s goons using Batmans gadgets to mimic her voice on various objects, which just alerts them when I attack and setting up 3 billion sentry guns is just something I don’t find fun. It is by far the absolute worse Batman game I have ever played.

On a brighter note, I have now finished all three Uncharted games (mini reviews will be coming soon!) and making good progress on Need For Speed – so we are getting somewhere. I just refuse to play through games I don’t find fun.

Have you ever dropped a game that quickly in to it?

Would you slog through it regardless as you spent your hard earned cash on it?

Let us know in the comments!


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