MrLuvva’s Luv-In #34

To kick things off, let me apologise for the lack of luv last week (both with a luv-in and post count)! I have started a new job and time is even more stretched than usual; but I have gotten more organised with my posts and that problem should not raise it’s ugly head anymore (inb4 it does).

This week though, in my downtime I have still been reading a lot of your stuff and here are my picks for the best of the week. As always please click each link and support each of these amazing bloggers and give them the support they deserve.

Prelude to game recording Tech Talk Those guys at Button Smashers have sent up the Luvva symbol because this is exactly the type of stuff I enjoy reading! In my past I have dabbled in streaming and YouTube creation and found all sorts of issues, I only wish there was a how-to guide to help me solve issues! Hopefully their plans come to fruition!

Chapter 0 Vagabond  I really love this post, and idea! Essentially Vagabond is fiction that take video game type concepts and transport them into a real life scenario – it is fantastically written and I look forward to the next chapter! Earl has a real talent for writing!

What Makes A Good Dungeon Run For Me Versus A Bad One  This is one of those posts that should not interest me in the slightest as I do not play or even really like MMO’s! But like the many other MMO posts I’ve highlighted in the past this one is excellent; Syp has outlined the criteria for a successful dungeon crawl here and there is a fair amount of humour in the “bad run” column!

That Dragon, Cancer Indie Gamer Chick has created a great review for a game that can not be easy to review! For those who do not know, this game follows the true story about a married couple as they go through the diagnosis, treatment and subsequent death of their son to cancer! It is a game I really want to experience, but I’m frightened of what it will do to me…this is a great review!

Home Away From Home Another great review(although I’m not sure review is the correct term – please correct me if I’m wrong)! This time the game is Xenoblade Chronicles X on WiiU from Nintendobound. The detail that is discussed here is truly impressive and screams of effort on the writers part – truly worth the read!

Beatles Song Countdown 180-176 I’m a huge Beatles fan and these mini-reviews of their entire back catalogue is truly intriguing! I must admit that I agree completely with Troggles on this post! A Good read!

Why The Order 1886 Could’ve Been Game Of The Year  This is a typical Karl Weller post, it is incredibly well-written, and argued – he also successfully dodges the pitfall of it sounding like a rant. Here we have a valid point that if Ready at Dawn made a game, the Order could’ve been great! Excellent read!


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