Why I am excited for The Division

…Looting with style


After my announcement on my ‘New Years Resolution’ post (found here) I have began asking myself – “Why am I racing towards this release? Why am I so drawn towards this particular title?” A question, that I think I have found an answer for!

The first, and probably biggest reason for the excitement is that I absolutely love third-person cover-based shooters. From Gears of War to Uncharted I have always enjoyed this style of game play and while they can be very very frustrating at times, when it is done right it gives an incredible sense of satisfaction for the player. Running from cover to cover gunning down hordes of enemies just sounds delightful and with added support from friends this game could get very addicting very quickly if it lives up to its promises.

Loads of loot. LOTS AND LOTS OF LOOT! I have always been a loot wench, from an early age (and thanks to Luvva!) I have been absolutely addicted to games such as Diablo which basically are digital crack promising a carrot dangled in front of a stick that takes tons and tons of grinding to achieve. Luckily those games and others such as Borderlands have always handled this aspect of the game really well with getting gradual upgrades on your gear before the big pay out. One of my biggest disappointments of the last couple of years “Destiny” failed to do this in my opinion, thus my decision to drop this game entirely shortly after finishing up “The Taken King” expansion.

Not only loot but we will also have CREDIBLE customisation options! Ubisoft have went on record to say that stuff like backpacks and clothing will NOT have a bearing on stats and everything will be viable. Basically, the player can decide how they look based on their own personal preference and not how the game says you should be looking. Take note Bungie!

Exploration is always a must in a game with this sort of atmospheric game. If you set a game in a post apocalyptic world you have to have the world to accompany it. Not only that, but it has to be vastly explorable. I am not just talking walking down empty streets here neither, what I want and from some of the material I have read, “The Division” will encourage player exploration. Doing so will allow the players to find better gear, find missions within the world and even achieve different perks and abilities through unlocking different bases – but not a lot of information is out there on how this particular aspect actually works just yet.

Finally, the Dark Zone. Once you have gone through the story or you and your friends are just feeling a bit lucky or just want to cause a bit of mischief – you can go into the dark zone looking for better gear, or other players to hunt. This is where it gets a bit tricky, within the dark zone if you attack another player before they attack you, you become a rogue agent. Being a rogue agent means you now have a bounty on your head and you are placed on other players maps. The more you kill, the higher the bounty and the longer the timer before you can call in your extraction helicopter.

So say you THINK another player has that legendary assault rifle you have been looking for and decide to attack them, you could end up with the mother load – or empty handed and running through the streets looking for somewhere safe to lay low until your bounty wears out. How awesome does that sound?!

Also, you have a rank in the dark zone so if you get attacked and die you lose a bit of rank for it. Fair enough, but, if you manage to kill your attacker they will lose MORE rank than they would if you attacked them first. Risk / reward! AWESOME!

Are you excited for The Division?

Are you waiting for the beta to pass judgement?

Is Ubi going to Ubi?

Let us know in the comments!


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