MrJohnSherrys Game Of The Year 2015

…So many games, so little time!

Now that we are now in the New Year, it is time for me and Luvva to delve back on the last twelve months and come up with what we have decided is our own game of the year – brace yourselves, surprises are afoot!

3. Dying Light


Surprise of the year for a lot of people, but not me. No hear me out, I expected this to bomb pretty damn hard – due to people absolutely DESPISING the Dead Island series. I always enjoyed the game, sure they had a lot of flaws, well actually – A LOT of flaws. But underneath you could always see what Techland were trying to do, and if they just got it right once it would do the studio a hell of a lot of good.

Sure enough, they knocked out of the park with this game. I have not had nearly as much fun with my friends on any other co-op game this year! From bashing zombies to death and doing the world challenge events – there is a lot of amazing content in this game, and from the looks of the new DLC coming out in the New Year, it is just going to get better!

2. Resident Evil Revelations 2


Probably in my eyes, done a great disservice. Even when the game was coming out in weekly episodes – there just wasn’t a lot of buzz on the internet, which is unfair in my eyes. Sure, A LOT of us feel incredibly burned by Resident Evil over the last 4 or so years, but Revelations 2 is up there with Resident Evil 4 for me. Unsurprisingly – this was the last Resident Evil game I had remotely enjoyed before hand!

So do yourselves a favour, if you are into these sort of survival games – it is one of the best, if not THEE best this generation!

1. Tales From The Borderlands


What can I say about this game? I am absolutely lost for words. I went into this game just hoping beyond hope that Telltale did this game at least some sort of service. I am going to put my cards on the table and tell you right now Borderlands is probably my favourite game series of all time. I absolutely adore it. From the humour in the writing to the almost cocaine like loot drops. It is utterly perfect in my eyes.

So, how well did Telltale do? Amazing, that’s how. Seriously, if you like Telltale games yet aren’t even bothered about the Borderlands series then this is an absolute must! Hell, I would even recommend it if you have no interest in Telltale games or Borderlands, but enjoy titles such as ‘Life Is Strange’. Luckily for you, if you play on Playstation 4 or Xbox One, the first episode is free to play! I will say it get’s even better from there, it is like they weren’t even trying that hard in episode 1 – but it’s still very good!

From laughing my absolute backside off to feeling genuinely close to tears, I can’t sing this games praise enough. Telltale, season 2 if you please!


It may be known as the year of delays, but 2015 for me personally was one of the golden years in gaming. A lot of great titles were released and more were brought back from the dead – here’s looking at you The Last Guardian! 2016, let’s be having you!

What was your game of the year?

Do you agree with my choices?

Do you just want to call me a moron?

Do so in the comments!


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