2015: A Year in Review Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my (personal) year in review! Catch up on Part 1 if you haven’t already!

July was the first full month of the summer holidays and it was dominated by Caiden. Visitors were still coming down in their droves and presents were being brought at an alarming rate. Even though tiredness was the default feeling – it is amazing watching a newborn develop, soon he was making facial expressions and his first smile was a magical moment!

Being a newborn though means that he was feeding every four hours. Like clockwork. He would wake up no matter what time it was or how tired Mrsluvva or I were. Nobody told me how much of a ball ache bottle making is either! Night-time feeds were the worst and consisted of the following steps:

  1. set alarm for 30 minutes before baby is due a bottle
  2. boil kettle
  3. leave it to cool for 15 minutes
  4. add formula and shake
  5. leave to cool for a further 15 minutes
  6. feed baby

Babies also eat very slowly (they have tiny stomachs) so a good hour and a half was spent on every feed. Throughout July I spent these night feeds watching Game of Thrones – and it was glorious. I was living the life – a newborn baby who was super cute and an amazing TV show I had; for some reason, given up watching after 5 episodes when it was originally aired!

I finished season 1 and 2 in a week. MrJohnSherry lend me season 3 and 4 on DVD – I had those finished by the end of July.

Gaming wise I did very little gaming over the course of July. I streamed twice and both times I played Bloodborne and Rocket league, both are great games. MrJohnSherry also visited me with a gift of Batman: Arkham Knight, but I didn’t really play it until August.

Game of the month: Finding Sleep

Month Score: 9/10

August continued in the same vein of July, every day would bring something new, Caiden was beginning to make noises other than crying when he was hungry. The first distinct noise was a high-pitched intake of air that he used for a laugh! That still gets used to this day! This paired with his love of trying new facial expressions began to show us his personality and again it was amazing! Babies literally do something new everyday – watching them learn in an unprompted way is mind-blowing.

Although colic had reared its head and made Caiden much more irritable the health visitor told us to change his formula to Comfort – this made everything much easier.

Night-time feeds were also made easier by the end of the month with the
purchase of a Tommy Tippee Perfect Prep Bottle Maker. Seriously, this 0105442_CF0001thing is amazing and an absolute life saver; i recommend this thing to any expectant parents. Gone was the annoying middle of the night steps and in its place was:

  1. let baby wake us up
  2. run down stairs
  3. make bottle to perfect drinking temperature in 2 minutes.
  4. feed baby

I also got MrsLuvva into Game of Thrones and ended up re-watching the entire thing again. Sadly the summer holidays were drawing to a close and I had no work lined up, it was starting to get scary.

Batman: Arkham Knight got caned in this month and it was an inconsistent experience that sometimes flirted with greatness but also descended into mediocrity. A frustrating game that should have been much better. Rocket League still got played but my streaming days were best put on hiatus until I can commit to a schedule.

Game of the month: Rocket League

Month Score: 10/10

September was the month in which Caiden first started his attempts to roll over, with zero success! The best he could manage was getting half over but being halted by his arm (pesky arms always getting in the way). He did however start imitating mouth movements made by us when were talking to him and could blow raspberries (sometimes), one of his mumbling noises sounds like he is saying “hiya” and it would melt your heart.

MrsLuvva and I also thought it would be great to buy a video camera so we could capture all his firsts, we opted for the cannon Legria HF R66, which is a stunning little camera. Needless to say I now have a HDD dedicated to videos of him.

Work-wise I had to settle with day-to-day substitute teaching, it’s quite well paid and it would give me time to be with my family. However I got no work whatsoever in September and put an ad in the local paper in the hope I could get some students who needed tutoring. I also had to go back to the retail job I though I’d left behind two years prior. Not ideal. But it keeps food in our bellies and a roof over our heads so I can live with it.

Gaming wise I turned to the darkside, with GOT done with those night feeds were once again, a challenge – to fill some time I downloaded Hearthstone onto my iPad to play as he ate. It was brilliant! I became hopelessly addicted and played it every chance I got. Although I remained terrible at it, I did win a few online matches – I also downloaded Pokemon: The Trading Card Game and it was also really good. This was a good month for gaming! One I enjoyed so much I wrote a post about it.



Not Caiden, but this is the costume!

October and Hallowe’en were great this year! It was that month I got my first call for some work, Caiden succeeded in rolling over. It took him a week to be able to do it once in a while to being able to do it 100% of the time.

Liverpool got a new manager and hammered Chelsea. Excellent month indeed! Oh yeah we also dressed Caiden up as a little bat (I won’t post a picture as I want him to like me when he’s older).

Gaming wise I went back to the Dreamcast and Playstation one. After acquiring all those retro goodies during August and September I got round to playing some of them and it was glorious. I also got my Shenmue Disc one working! #dreamland

Game of the Month: Toy Commander

Month Score: 10/10 

November was an incredibly busy one for me. I worked everyday in a local school, tutored Mondays and Wednesdays and worked in retail over the weekends. I had little to no time for anything other than work. This meant every second spent with MrsLuvva and Caiden was precious. The fact that he began to crawl and I saw it is a particularly special memory for me, he is currently running (crawling?) havoc. Everyday he develops that little bit more, it’s wonderful but scary to think that he is becoming less of a baby!

The changes 5 months make cannot be over stated – he’s like a different child!

We also began our Christmas preparation, the amount you can spend on a baby is not to be underestimated.

Liverpool continued their good form and beat Man City and Southampton12226977_688850584583503_6158448386814927620_n comprehensively and Republic of Ireland qualified for the European Championships next summer! An amazing sporting month!

My Vita made a comeback; in particular Olli Olli 2 was making a late rally for my GOTY list! I became absolutely hooked on it (again), Golden Abyss also made a comeback (it’s still great) and I began playing my 3DS again (after picking up Mario Kart 7 for £5)! A varied month for games, but a good one!

Game of the month: Olli Olli 2

Month Score: 8/10

December was amazing! As you all know, I love Christmas and this year was extra special because of Caiden. The look on his face when he saw our tree was incredible, you forget he sees everything fresh, and while he was confused for a short while the joy when he realised what it was…amazing! Although it did present a massive target for him to explore he did nothing beyond hitting a bauble off it. The gifts under it though, some had to be rewrapped!

Over the actual holiday, it was even more magical – he paid attention to his toys (and loved his Scout teddy) and we began weaning him – his face when he tried apple and pear for the first time was picture! He loved them! Even his Christmas dinner of carrots and parsnips went down well – although he hated potatoes (and he’s Irish!). His mood over the three busy days was superb and it made it easier for us; his costumes made everyone laugh (elf, pudding and snowman for the record) and swoon over his cuteness.

11/10 would do December again!

Gaming-wise I played a lot of games, The Nathan Drake collection got started, Tomb Raider (originals) got played a little, Rock Band 4 got caned, Mario Kart 7 & 8 and many more I won’t list! Overall a great month!

Game of the month: Christmas

Month Score: 11/10

Overall 2015 was a pretty amazing year for me personally and it makes me excited for 2016. Gaming wise though, it wasn’t vintage. There were a number of excellent games but all of them stopped just shy of greatness.

Overall 2015 will be remembered as the year that the new generation of consoles found their feet and started to really get going. And with games like Mirrors Edge: Catalyst, the division, Dark Souls 3 and Street Fighter V on the horizon 2016 has all the potential to be a classic year. Maybe it’ll eclipse 2007!

We at Luvva Towers will be by your side the whole way through 2016, see you on the other side!

I’ve had a wonderful year!

What about you?

What are your years highlights?

Tell me in the comments below!


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