2015: A Year in Review Part 1

It’s that time of year, Christmas is gone and the new year is looming, we all become introspective and look for ways in which we can improve our lives and reflect on the year that has gone.

Over the next two posts I’m going to be looking over my year both on a personal and gaming level! 2015 has been a massive one for me on a personal level. It was a year full of changes; some that were amazing and some that were decidedly less positive.

I hope you enjoy my indulgence. Happy New Year Everyone!

*N.B.: Game of the month not necessarily released that month*

In January, I was in gainful employment in a career that I absolutely adore and although it wasn’t the perfect arrangement; part-time teaching, it was in a local school (a mere 12 mile from my door) that I absolutely loved working in; so it was pretty damn close! There were also loud rumblings from my employers that my contract could be extended beyond my finish date of September! But it was still a wait and see arrangement. I was doing a great job and had high hopes of something a little more permanent. I also secured a part-time position in another local school coordinating their literacy program. Things were certainly looking good!

Gaming wise January was good one, the stream was beginning to gain traction and I had a number of regular viewers who would become friends. Resident Evil HD & H1Z1 dominated my playing time and stream. They are great titles! H1Z1 specifically lent itself for streaming and it dominated my playing time live on twitch, some cracking highlights were captured.

My Game of the month: Resident Evil HD

Month Score: 8/10

February saw no real changes in anything, MrsLuvva and I celebrated our 11th (!) Valentines Day together and started thinking about names for our  baby due in 16 weeks. That list seemed to grow everyday and a decision got no closer – Valentines day happened, ’twas good.

I decided to go back to Watch_Dogs and try to complete it (seeing as it was bundled with my PS4) and to my surprise it was hugely popular on twitch. I gained a lot of new followers throughout the month and got some long-term viewers. My numbers jumped up significantly. I ended up completing watch_dogs, having tons of fun with it and getting some good footage for highlights.

Oh I also hated Far Cry 4!

My Game of the month: Watch_Dogs

Month Score: 6/10

March was a very quiet month. Nothing really happened although we did go out and buy our pram, cot, stroller, car seat and other baby essentials. The Easter school break was a mixed one, my literacy job was officially over, but MrsLuvva and I turned our spare room into a nursery and it looked excellent! Excitement started to grow.

This month saw me achieve my goal of 100 twitch followers, a single sitting play-through of Hotline Miami and it also saw the release of Bloodborne. Which quickly established itself as my go to game no matter the scenario! I played it religiously with a number of my followers on stream and we slowly made our way through the story mode – beating Gascoigne really is the gaming experience of 2015 for me, a cheap co-op win but absolutely brilliant!

Even when I was playing alone it kept me coming back for more; on more than one occasion MrsLuvva shouted at me for playing it too much!

My Game of the month: Bloodborne

Month Score: 8/10

April was the true month of love in my family! It not only saw the wedding of my little sister and her fiance, but MrsLuvva’s and I’s 10th Anniversary and my Mum and Dad’s 40th Wedding anniversary! It really was a great month! The wedding of my sister was a superb day that saw the only good weather of the month, the ceremony was truly beautiful and the memories of the day will stay with us forever. The best part though was my reading….obviously!

H1Z1 saw a large update in April and it propelled it back into my rotation! Hydr0 also picked up the title and I started playing it with him. Good fun was had, more highlights captured.

I also upgraded my streaming setup with the acquisition of a Startech USB 3.0 capture device – it greatly improved my stream quality and I saw a huge leap in viewership – because of viewer bots! Le Sigh!

My Game of the month: H1Z1

Month Score: 9/10

May was a very quite month, except for my birthday there is nothing to say. The baby’s things, bought in March came at the end of the month, much of that week was spent building things the changing table was the hardest thing to build because the instructions were awful!

In gaming I met and passed my second twitch milestone; 200 followers! I ran a challenge for myself and allowed my viewers to create a Rockband setlist for me to sing my way through on stream!

That occurred in June.

My Game of the month: Day of Defeat Source

Month Score 4/10

June was the big one! at 06:47 on the 19th of June we welcomed Li’l Luvva into the world. With his arrival, everything changed. I had no idea how much he’d change my life and while I wasn’t prepared for it as much as I thought I was, I wouldn’t change a thing!


first pic of Caiden

Looking at his face for the first time was truly a life-changer! Everything that was important to me suddenly seemed very trivial! He was perfect, we also finally settled on a name…Caiden! Every day was special and even though we were up every four hours feeding, it was hard to not be happy.

Our house also became a home, visitors were incredibly regular, there was noise all the time and it was wonderful. He is one loved baby; everyone in the family absolutely dote over him, if the presents that full the house are an indicator of this.

Gaming wise there is absolutely nothing to report. I streamed until Caiden was born and priorities took over – sleep was something of a luxury and needed to be done while he was sleeping. Although I did have a cracking stream earlier in the month were I sang for 4 hours with followers and ended it with a li’l Luvva-ception!

My Game of the month: The Parenting Game

Month Score: 10/10

That brings us to the halfway point of the year! Join me on Saturday to relive the 2nd half of the year!

What was your year like; both personally and in gaming? 

Tell me in the comments!


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