Luvva’s Luv-In #32

Being Christmas week, I’ve been extraordinarily busy. As a result this weeks roundup is shorter than usual (5 instead of 7 posts) – and it has a very specific theme, let’s see if you can spot it.

You all know the score by now, please support all of these fine blogs by clicking them.

If you are not aware I am giving away a game a day over on twitter – so get there, follow me and like the competition tweet (which is pinned) and you too could win a game or two. Every Day!

Bonus Post: The Changing Tides of ChristmasCary with a cracking post on how Christmas has changed for her. It really is a wonderful post that could’ve been negative (and would’ve been in the hands of a lesser writer) but it is positive and leaves a feel good feeling inside (like one of those movies that are on 24/7 this weather). A superb read – well done Cary.

Happy Holidays 2015Izlain delivers a heart-felt message of seasons greetings and even sneaks in a little bit of news in there! Merry Chrimbo Iz!

New Comic Up – Merry ChristmasAnother great comic by LMG – simple but very effective! Merry Chrimbo LMG!

Merry Christmas!: A very simple, but heartfelt Christmas message from Bio Break! Merry Chrimbo Bio!

Merry Christmas: Yet another Merry Christmas message from one of my favouite blogs! Merry Chrimbo folks!

No prizes for guessing that theme this week was of course…Food!

Only kidding, it was Christmas.

Speaking of which Merry Christmas to all my readers!



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